FIDLOCK, An Essential Tool For Biking And Touring

FIDLOCK, An Essential Tool For Biking And Touring

Is biking or touring a hassle because you do not have the right equipment? FIDLOCK might just solve your concerns and here is how they work!

What is FIDLOCK?

FIDLOCK is a brand for a line of products that Mighty Velo carries. These products include:

  • Twist bottle 600
  • Push Saddle Bag 600
  • Vacuum Phone case
  • Many more that we will talk about down below! 

If you want to, you can find all of the products at our online store here.


FIDLOCK products are essential for biking and touring. The bottles take mere seconds to disconnect and reconnect back to their base. Thus, this removes the hassle of needing to stop to reach for a bottle out of your backpack when cycling! Moreover, it allows you to stay hydrated on the go!

FIDLOCK Twist bottle - Touring

FIDLOCK innovations have a simple idea behind them, to make it easy to disconnect and even easier to connect. In simpler terms, this means that FIDLOCK has a very unique technology that aims to excel at user practicality and functionality. 


There are different connecting mechanisms for our FIDLOCK products, consisting of either ‘Twist’, ‘Push’ or ‘Vacuum’. However, they all have one thing in common, they work with magnetic technology designed specifically by FIDLOCK.



  • TWIST Tex base multi [2 in 1]
  • TWIST Tex base
  • TWIST Uni base
  • TWIST Bike base
  • TWIST Bottle 600 + Bike base 
  • TWIST Bottle 590 + Bike base 
  • TWIST Bottle 450 kids + Uni base 
  • TWIST Bottle 450 + Bike base 
  • TWIST Uni connector + Uni base
  • TWIST Toolbox + Uni base

As its name suggests, the products above operate with a twist. Simply twist the bottles to disconnect them from their base! 


And to connect it, just let the FIDLOCK magnetic technology work its magic!


In other words, the twisting makes the FIDLOCK bottles super easy to use when biking or touring. However, you do need to remember that the bottles only twist in the clockwise direction, or else you might struggle to remove the bottle from its base.

Did you notice the odd-balls?

If you didn’t, here is a closer look at the TWIST Toolbox + Uni base and TWIST Uni connector + Uni base.


The toolbox is as its name suggests! It has a 550ml capacity, versatile pockets for organisation and is water repellent! Just the perfect tool for long distance touring.

The Uni connector is not a bottle but fits perfectly under the twist category. It differs by allowing you to use your own bottles instead of having to buy a FIDLOCK bottle. The same convenient twisting mechanism is still here to stay but you can now attach your own bottle on it!

So how exactly does it work?

FIDLOCK Uni connector

1. Pull the button on the side to loosen

2. Click on the button and twist to tighten.

With that, you can now attach any bottle to the FIDLOCK base and go biking and touring!


Last but not least, all the FIDLOCK TWIST products work with all the TWIST bases and our newest TWIST base that we carry is the TWIST Tex base multi [2 in 1].

The Tex base multi [2 in 1] is the improved version of the TWIST Tex base. The first generation Tex base proved to be the perfect extension of the TWIST system away from the bicycle. Now with the upgrade to the Tex base multi, it is now also easily attachable to shoulder straps.

FIDLOCK Twist base - Good for Hiking / Touring

The TWIST bottle is always within reach with the TWIST Tex base multi – perfect for hiking or touring when the bike has to stay at home.


  • PUSH Saddle bag 600 + Saddle base
  • PUSH Saddle base

The products under PUSH category include the Push Saddle bag 600 + base, but you can always opt to purchase the PUSH Saddle base on its own!


Boasting a volume of 600ml, the PUSH Saddle bag is both functional and practical. Designed to be waterproof, it can endure poor weather and you can even clip on a rear light to the Saddle bag. This allows the Saddle bag to double up as a clip on light as well when attached to its base!

FIDLOCK Push saddle bag

Perfect for the day-to-day user, the Push technology promises a secure hold and swift release. This is done through magnetic mechanical locking of the bag to the base frame, and a straightforward push of the button on the base. 

With a process that is effortless and fuss-free, these FIDLOCK PUSH products guarantee a smooth and enjoyable ride while you are out biking and touring!




  • VACUUM Handlebar base
  • VACUUM Ahead cap base
  • VACUUM Phone cases 

*VACUUM Phone cases are only available for the different iPhone 12 models


Powered by innovative suction technology, the VACUUM Phone case ensures that phones will be securely locked in, even in the event of sudden impact. 

Your phone can be accessed, attached and released with just a single hand! Notice how the phone is rotatable as well so you can use your phone in portrait and landscape. 

FIDLOCK Vacuum phone case

The advanced technology of the FIDLOCK VACUUM products make having your smartphone with you a free and easy process; whether you use it for navigation on the road or as a pedometer when touring and more. 


Concluding our favourite FIDLOCK combination

In conclusion, our favourite FIDLOCK combination is made up of the FIDLOCK TWIST Bottle, PUSH Saddle bag and base, and the VACUUM Phone case. Essentials such as money, cards, keys and more can be kept in the saddle bag as we are out biking on top of our phone being propped securely yet conveniently at the front of our bikes. These help us to go on biking trips more minimalistically as we don’t have to cycle with an extra bag just to bring along our necessities!

Of course, not to forget, the bottle serves as a handy and easily accessible source of hydration when touring around on our bikes to rehydrate ourselves on the go in Singapore’s humid weather. 

These are our FIDLOCK essential favourites and we hope you love them too!

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FIDLOCK, An Essential Tool For Biking And Touring
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