A Summer Internship at Mighty Velo :3

Renee the social media content intern

This summer.

I am grateful for a hands-on experience in the foldable bicycle industry. This is the most productive summer I have had so far in my two years of University and I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding internship experience. 


Let me first introduce myself. I am Renee, a Year 2 undergraduate from Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Analytics. During my free time, I play video games such as Valorant and League of Legends and I also hustle as a Red Bull ambassador #RedBullSingapore. I am currently interning at Mighty Velo (MV) as a Marketing Content Intern during my University summer break. 

Renee marketing content summer intern at MV with Bike

So Why Mighty Velo? 

What enticed me was the soft skills I am able to learn from MV as they give the interns the freedom to develop creative content ideas, analyse marketing campaigns and content, and be hands-on with their e-commerce platforms. 


These tick my boxes on what I would love to learn from an internship. 

Mighty Velo summer intern banner

Before my interview with MV, I researched about the company and knew immediately that MV is where I want to work. In my opinion, the company’s culture is important as I believe that a positive working environment promotes a healthy relationship amongst employees, thus leading to quality work. 


During my interview with the company, I had good vibes and was able to click well with the Co-founder, Ms Vivian, and the fellow interns, Jia Ying and Kai Ming. When the interns shared what they do, it got me really excited as they get the freedom to ideate and create content, which not many companies allow their interns to do so. 


Although I have longer working hours (we work 5.5 days a week) as compared to my peers, I really do enjoy my time here and would even stay back after working hours to chat with my colleagues! Indeed, MV is a good cultural fit for me! #NoRegrets 


My First Day! 

I vividly remember on my first day of the internship, I went on a mini photoshoot with Natalie, MV intern, at a nearby Park Connector Park. It was a little awkward at first as I barely know Natalie, but we managed to overcome the awkwardness through some icebreakers. 

Renee the summer marketing content intern with bike

Ms Vivian was impressed with the pictures and even displayed them on the screen for the whole office. To be honest, I am not born as a natural poser. An awkward potato is what my close friends would describe me when I first meet new people. After I have warmed up, my friends all wish I could stay quiet. 


Being a RedBull girl has definitely helped me to be more confident in front of the camera and also comfortable talking to people. We often take photos during events and educate consumers on new product launches. Thus, this has helped me to adapt well to Mighty Velo as we often go for photoshoots and communicate with customers. 


My Biggest Struggle 🙁

Seeing how natural I was in front of the camera, I was given the opportunity to do a Facebook Live with Darryl, an MV intern. With only three days to prepare for the Facebook Live, I struggled to learn about the technical terms of the bicycles and gain synergy with my co-host, Darryl.

Renee and Darryl Facebook Live with Bicycle

Although I was uncomfortable with talking in front of a camera, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my best throughout the live. 


Overall, it was a good learning experience from the steep learning curve as I managed to absorb and be familiar with the bicycles in a short period of time. Not only have I benefited from being well-versed in the bicycle, but I also managed to take down pointers on how I can improve myself and be better prepared for the next Facebook Live. Besides that, I love how our bosses trust the interns and give us the opportunity to represent the company. Not many companies would let their interns host a live show, what more a one-week-old intern! 


Most Memorable Experience

My most memorable experience was planning for a creative photoshoot at Chinatown. Just like any creative director, I was given full control over choosing the talents, location, outfits, style, and props used! I even get to do the talents’ makeup which I enjoy as I get to give them a different look. 

Summer Photoshoot for MV

(PS. don’t we look like a bad version of Power Puff Girls). 

Although it might seem like an easy job, there are more aspects to it. Finding the right location was the toughest part as I had to find an ideal location that could help tell a story with the bikes. The best part about photoshoots is challenging myself to come up with creative ideas and poses as there are just so many poses with the bicycles. 


Other Job Responsibilities

Apart from that, my primary responsibilities also include: 

  1. Blog Post
  2. Content Creation 
  3. Copywriting
  4. Social Media Management 

As a Marketing Content Intern, I am in charge of creating content for MV’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. On a daily basis, I would monitor MV’s Instagram, Facebook, Carousell, and Google Business and draft responses to customers’ questions and comments. Besides communicating with customers, I schedule and publish posts where I ideate and generate ideas for new content. 


Besides that, I also had the opportunity to film A Week In My Life as an MV Intern vlog with the approval of Ms Vivian. I had a lot of fun doing this project as it was my first time doing a vlog and it pushed me out of my comfort zone where I had to talk to a camera. It was also a good learning experience as I learned how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, which was on my bucket list this summer. This vlog also serves as a time capsule for me to look back on the days I want to reminisce about my internship. 


Despite having a weak command of English, writing a blog post was top on my bucket list of what I wanted to learn and I am glad to be given the opportunity to write a couple of blog posts here at MV. 


Join Us! 

Overall, this internship was an eye-opener for me where I got to learn practical skill sets such as people, communication, and leadership skills. With interns from different walks of life, it was a good networking experience and learning experience where I get to learn how interns from different universities have a different approach towards a similar project. 


My greatest takeaway from this internship is the friendship I have forged and this is my best summer yet. 

Join Mighty Velo Internship

P.S. I’ve become 3 shades darker during this internship so for those who are looking to get tan, this internship is for you! 😀


If you are looking for a fun internship where you get to work hard and play hard, look no further and email your resume to [email protected].


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