This internship was so good, I’m thinking of buying a bike now

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Why am I, a video content intern, doing a blog post? Especially since I didn’t do superb in English back in school. (My boss likes to remind me of that.) I wonder that too! But here I am writing more about my intern life here at Mighty Velo. Hopefully I reach the word count. Wish me luck xoxo.


To start things off, I’m Kai Ming and I’ve been at Mighty Velo from April 2021 to July 2021. This year, I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Media Art from NTU School of Art, Design and Media. You might be curious and ask why a colourblind is able to study design. I have no clue either. Due to my circumstances, I was hired as a video content intern instead and was tasked with creating content for the company on their social media. I chose to intern here because I wanted to explore how different types of industries market their business and creating content around a bicycle is not something many people get to do.

Internship so good, I'm thinking of buy a bike now

The Beginning of my Video Content Internship

I came into this internship knowing close to nothing about foldable bikes in general. Fortunately, under the existing interns’ guidance, I’ve learnt a bulk of knowledge about the company’s bikes. They patiently taught me the various models and the differences between bike models, how to fold the different bikes, use the equipment in the office. Yet, they conveniently left out the wifi password. I was lucky enough to finally get wifi a week later.

For the first week, I was situated at the retail store, shadowing Miguel, an ex-intern. He showed me the ropes and I gained retail experience interacting with different types of customers. I faced many queries that I could not answer without referring to my phone and had to pester the other full timers for help. (Sorry Tommy!) I familiarised myself with the bikes and accessories, making a couple of Facebook and Instagram stories on the way. It was interesting to see people from all walks of life viewing our bikes, all with different reasons backing their purchase. It was cute to see all the couples buying bikes to cycle together.

Video Projects I’ve Done as a Video Content Intern

P40 in 40 seconds

Birdy P40 in 40 Seconds, watch here!

My first assigned task was to produce a video on the Birdy P40. Since I was in charge of planning and executing it, I took the chance to tackle this project with an unconventional take on typical bicycle commercials. In this age where short videos reign supreme, I kept the video length short and tried to sell the points of the Birdy P40 to understand as simply as possible. 

Stay at home with Minoura

Stay at Home with Minoura, watch here!

With the creative freedom given to me for my subsequent projects, I was thereby able to produce better content for the company. One such project was a commercial for a Minoura bike trainer, an attachment that allows you to cycle at home with your bicycle. The Covid pandemic have deeply affected our industry, changing our customers’ cycling habits and experience. As such, the video on the Minoura bike trainer focused on persuading customers to stay at home instead of going out, to protect them from unnecessary social interaction during this period. Keeping that in mind, I chose to work alone and filmed this video within the space constraints in my house. Despite the challenges to pull off this concept, I was thankful that the video conveyed the message I wanted in the end. 

And MV Chats series

MV Chats with Mr Solomon

MV Chats With Mr Solomon, watch here!

Besides video production, I also worked on a video series called MV Chats. In this MV chats series, we explored our customers’ usual cycling routes and habits. For one of the episodes, I had the honour of interviewing a customer of Mighty Velo, Mr Solomon. Even though it was my first time hosting an interview of this nature, the interview with Mr Solomon went well. This is because Mr Solomon made the session so comfortable. Interacting with customers really helped in the content planning process, as I could find out what customers looked for before making their purchase and subsequently plan my content around it. Series like this allowed me to gain insight on what truly sold the bikes and accessories, something I should keep in mind if I were to run a business in the future.

Not Just Video Content, I’ve Done Social Media Posts Too!

Kai ming internship

Along with videos, I had the opportunity to try my hands on graphic design. Labour day, Phase 2 Updates and Retail Store changes were some occasions where I had to create posts for our social media. I got to use different applications like Photoshop, Procreate and Illustrator to help with my posts. Other than the design side of things, I learnt how a business would deal with island wide measures. The Mighty Velo retail store was greatly affected as a result of Covid. From this Covid experience, I learnt to adapt, plan and create content in preparation for different scenarios. All these made me understand the importance of the meaning behind every single small detail in a post; from the font size, position of certain assets to the colour palette behind each post. 

The bosses were also open to an overhaul of the company’s Instagram. Having that freedom and trust allowed me to go wild with the feed. I planned for the feed to be seamless and that helped improve our overall aesthetics. It was definitely something different from other bicycle companies and made us stand out. A seamless feed was something I had wanted to do for a while now and I was happy to do it on the company’s platform.

And also, Facebook LIVE

MV Live with Kaiming and Natalie

This was the first time I was exposed to the world of Facebook Live, learning the behind the scenes setup and even hosting thrice! Being a self proclaimed stand up comedian, I managed to go through the Facebook Live experience smoothly and was able to be more natural in the second round. It was a truly new experience, coming from someone who rarely used Facebook before this internship. Hosting a Facebook Live for a different demographic of people from those I usually interacted with was challenging to say the least. I had to switch up my presenting style and come up with jokes on the fly. This definitely helped prepare me for my future presentations for school. 


People and Culture at Mighty Velo

MV Interns profile banner

What made me enjoy my video content intern experience was the people and environment here. The bosses treated the interns and employees like family and respected everyones’ ideas and decisions. They would frequently treat us to meals and the office pantry was rarely empty. We were all grateful for every small detail that the bosses did for us. As a result, our relationship with the bosses got even closer. With this culture, we definitely felt less stressed out in the workplace. We could also confidently convey our ideas across to the bosses, without worrying about being shut down. Knowing that some other companies had vastly different work cultures, I was glad to be here. I was not afraid to propose my ideas, no matter how absurd they were. Exactly because of this culture, it gave me opportunities to create unique content for the company. 


I am deeply thankful for the group of interns that I worked with. All of us clicked well together and got closer during the internship. The interns would spend at least a day of each week to have dinner in the office with the bosses or among ourselves and leaving early or on time is a rare sight for us. (Except for Natalie.) We would have many inside jokes and our bond really helped us get out of our comfort zone for photoshoots. Everything made us feel like friends instead of just colleagues working together. 


Takeaway From My Video Content Intern Experience

My only expectation coming into this internship was to be able to do videos. This internship gave me more than that. I was able to hone my skills in producing, filming, editing, photography, photoshop, graphic design, retail and that’s not all, I also got to hone my skills in cycling. Despite falling once or twice, I would say I have become a decent cyclist, being able to cycle with one hand while filming with the other. 


Having creative control on the things I produced was also a major plus, having prior internship experience where I was not given any. I had to rack my brain to think of ideas and concepts that were not done before by other bicycle companies. This internship was where I learnt that producing content for a bigger object is so much harder. 


Why Should You Apply?

The life lessons and knowledge I gained from the bosses, the content I got to do and the people I met along the way made this internship priceless. To people thinking of applying, if you enjoy a fun working culture, a family-like environment and creative liberty over your design work, I would advise you to go for it. You might not have any interest in foldable bicycles or bicycles in general but if you are pursuing a marketing or design path, you will not regret applying. This internship teaches you so much more than just marketing bicycles. 



I give this internship experience a 10/10. I cycled and produced a lot of content, having creative control over most. The bosses and interns I’ve worked with made the work culture and environment so much more enjoyable. I don’t regret a single thing, other than the time I fell off the bike because I braked like an idiot.

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This internship was so good, I’m thinking of buying a bike now
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This internship was so good, I’m thinking of buying a bike now
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