My Summer Internship as a Video Content Intern at Mighty Velo

“What is your star sign?” is a question that I often ask people whom I meet for the very first time. That’s me, Sarah, Mighty Velo’s full-time astrologist and part-time Video Content Intern! Just kidding, it’s actually the other way around, and that’s just my way of getting to know people better.

I’m currently a first year communications and media student at the Singapore Institute of Technology! And am interning at Mighty Velo during my summer break. As a video intern, I film videos; I conceptualise video ideas and I edit videos. But that’s not all that I do, for being an intern at Mighty Velo encompasses other duties – which was one of the deciding factors for me when I applied for this internship.

Back in April, I decided to apply for an internship during my trimestral break in order to gain new experiences and network with people – and that’s when I found Mighty Velo’s job listing on Glints. I remember wanting to pursue an internship that gave me the chance to grow my skill set yet further hone my skills in the video industry. The opportunities listed in the job description seemed to fit what I was looking for. A cover letter, email and an interview later, I got the job and began my internship at Mighty Velo.  

Working at Mighty Velo as a video content intern

Working at Mighty Velo has been a fulfilling experience thus far! As a video content intern we are pushed to step out of our comfort zones at work. One such instance would be when I had to pose for photos during photo shoots. Now, I’m not one to stand in front of a camera, much less pose for it. I was panicking internally when I was told that I had to pose during photoshoots because I’m the kind of person who prefers to stay behind the scenes. Alas, my first photoshoot came on the 3rd day of work and I ended up feeling like a complete, bumbling mess when it came to posing with the bicycle.

However, with the help of my fellow colleagues, I soon became more comfortable with photoshoots. They provided me with plenty of encouragement as well as ideas on how to pose. Admittedly, I’m still nowhere near the likes of Cara Delevingne nor Gigi Hadid, but I am definitely more at ease when it comes to standing in front of the camera lens. At the very least, I feel more like a human and less like a squid.

Creative freedom!

Of course, aside from photoshoots, I dabble in other duties as well. With my main job scope being videography, I ideate, shoot and edit videos for Mighty Velo’s various social media platforms.

When it comes to our projects, there is a healthy amount of creative control as a video content intern. Meaning to say that there is no fixed format or template when it comes to filming or editing. The vast amount of creative freedom allows us to think out of the box and explore the different types of editing and filming styles! Which I believe will be beneficial to me as a content creator. An example would be a video promoting the Birdy City, where I edited and animated graphics for the video. The art direction that I chose was a vast contrast to that of my other colleagues’ videos, whose works were filmed according to their personal styles.  

I have also been exposed to basic forms of digital marketing, such as writing and posting content on Facebook Business Suite and Google Business. Certain tasks also require me to reply to messages from customers on Mighty Velo’s various social media platforms, and doing so require a certain tone of voice in order to ensure objectivity and neutrality. 


What defines a good internship

The idea of a good internship differs amongst people, here are some defining factors for me, namely:

  1. Company Culture
  2. Impact on Personal Growth 
  3. Well-stocked Pantry


Company Culture

I prefer working in a place where I am able to communicate well with my colleagues. I also believe that the company’s culture will influence a person’s work performance! Being a video content intern at Mighty Velo, the experience is fun yet conducive, for everyone knows how to work hard and play hard. The folks here are approachable as well! Despite each of us being placed in specialised teams (content team, design team and human resource team), we are still able to rely on each other whenever we encounter difficulties in our respective projects. Going on shoots are especially fun, as they often feel like outings with a group of good friends.  

Impact on Personal Growth as a video content intern

Another key thing about taking on an internship as a video content intern would be to equip oneself with new forms of knowledge. While having fun is definitely a plus point, the internship would be meaningless if I barely learnt anything. I have been given many opportunities here at Mighty Velo and also got to learn about different aspects of how a business is run. For instance, Mighty Velo uses Facebook Live to market their products occasionally, so it was an eye-opening experience to see how the operations behind the scenes are like. As someone who only studied film and writing for many years, all these new experiences have been pretty fascinating.    

Well-stocked Pantry

Finally, the last thing that defines a good internship is – a well-stocked pantry. Okay, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about food in this blog but trust me, busy times are hungry times. Working can be pretty tiring, so the pantry is probably my 2nd most frequented place in the office as I like to grab a snack or drink whenever I need more fuel in my system. We do not have to worry working on an empty stomach because the food is replenished rather frequently. 



There you have it, my internship experience at Mighty Velo! Should you be keen on having an internship here, be sure to keep the following character traits in mind: 

  1. Willingness to learn
  2. Ability to accept constructive criticism
  3. Adaptability to new working environments

While technical skills are a plus, an internship is mostly about growth and learning – something which our bosses have emphasized. Thus, a positive learning attitude is a trait that will give one the upper hand when having an internship here.  

If you like what you have read and would love to have a hands-on experience, don’t hesitate to shoot an email to [email protected]. Who knows, you might just be next in line to write such a blog post!