Darryl’s Bloggerino Cappucino Intern Experience at Mighty Velo

“Ok, so Darryl will be hosting the new City Unboxing Video”…

… I will NEVER FORGET these words coming out of Ms Vivian’s mouth. It was only the FIRST DAY of my digital marketing internship at Mighty Velo, and I was tasked to host a video already?! Looking back, my intern journey at Mighty Velo was filled with laughter, bliss, and adventure. Although patience was never my strong suit, I definitely learned the importance of working as a team here at Mighty Velo. But before we carry on with my marketing experience here, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Darryl, a Nanyang Technological University freshman from the School of Business, and I am here to share my experience as a Digital Marketing Content Intern at Mighty Velo (MV). 

Mighty Velo – Marketing Content Intern (Darryl)

What attracted me to Intern at Mighty Velo

What drew me to MV was their high activity levels on social media – and I mean EVERY. WORKING. DAY! I was surprised at how a “simple bicycle shop” had the capabilities to produce quality content on their Instagram feed! Was it done by the interns? Were they just images taken off the internet? I was eager to find out the secret recipe to constantly generating new content. Of course, the job description suggested that I would be learning how to manage the company’s social media platforms, which really piqued my interest.

Mighty Velo – Digital Media Intern (Darryl)

P.S. I only found out later that they have 2 other accounts besides their brand, Mighty Velo!

We have these three different social media profiles for the different target audiences. Our main profile – Mighty Velo, serves as a lifestyle page where you can find attractive snapshots and short videos of the interns coupled with the bikes that we carry. On the other hand, BirdyBicycle and PacificCarryMe are more technical and showcase only the bikes in full view.


My Intern Experience Here

Lights. Camera. Action! On my first day at work, I was selected to host an unboxing video of the Birdy City right off the bat. This first task proved challenging for me, as I had little to no awareness about bicycles and their various components before my tenure with MV. Not only did this unboxing video broaden my knowledge of the Birdy City and its diverse range of accessories, but it also allowed me to break out of my comfort zone. Venturing out of your sanctuary might be a daunting task to most, but what makes us continue to do so? Personally, it is the thrill and excitement of learning something new that keeps me moving forward each time.

Mighty Velo – Facebook Live (Darryl) Intern

Just shortly after, I was given the opportunity to host a Facebook LIVE! I don’t know who said that hosting a LIVE is as simple as taking insta-stories, but that is definitely NOT TRUE. There were so many things to take note of! From Birdy models and accessories to Google forms and updated retail hours. It was a real eye-opener as I had never seen the back end of a LIVE video before, let alone be in it! However, I can confidently say that there aren’t many internships out there that provide such opportunities for their interns. 


My Favourite Part Of MV Internship

Sure, we might not have the shortest working hours, we do not work from home, and we might come from different walks of life and age groups. But when I think of MV, I remember the people and the time spent together. I enjoy goofing around with the other interns during photoshoots, trying new poses to evoke emotion and keep our audience entertained. Despite having longer working hours than my other university friends, working here was never stale.

Mighty Velo – Instagram You should know by now that Mighty Velo is not an ordinary bicycle shop nor a traditional marketing firm. Its workplace culture instills an abundance of energy and FUN in our daily activities. My job scope is not desk-bound, as I would make day trips for bicycle photoshoots and film sessions with my fellow interns. As a result, I have grown to become more comfortable in front of a camera. Through these outings, the interns also established a sense of camaraderie together, and we would even stay after hours to have dinner. 


Other Responsibilities as an Intern

Canva. WordPress. Lightroom. PremierePro. These are some of the software that I used during my tenure at MV, and it was my first time using them. I managed the BirdyBicycle and PacificCarryMe social media accounts, scheduling posts weekly and replying to customer enquiries daily. Here at MV, we are given free reign to let our creative juices flow and explore new ways to improve the company’s image. As a result, we can bring fresh and modern ideas to the company while learning from other interns.

Mighty Velo – Social Media Intern

Did I forget to mention that I’m a self-proclaimed promoter for Mighty Velo? Or at least my extroverted self will emerge to entertain onlookers who stare in awe at how compact our foldable bikes are. I engage in light-hearted conversations as I share more about our bikes and direct them to our social media for the latest updates. Through these conversations, I realised that I am comfortable with approaching strangers to strike a casual conversation.

You might be thinking, “what if I am not as confident or extroverted?”. Fret not, for this is what the internship/work experience is for. MV is supportive of every individual’s ideas and provides ample opportunities for everyone to grow. The co-founders will delegate tasks of increasing difficulty as they nurture and equip you with relevant skills for the workforce. 

Mighty Velo – Marketing Content Intern (Darryl) A word of advice? Don’t be afraid to try new things, because you wouldn’t know until you try. 


Cherry on Top

10 Weeks – That’s the amount of time I spent in this internship at Mighty Velo. Through this journey, I managed to hone my people skills, presentation skills, and technical skills. Coupled with the words of affirmation and encouragement from my peers and mentors, I now have more confidence in presenting myself to the public. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to intern here, as I can now be confident both in front and behind the camera!

Oh, and my biggest takeaway from this whole internship experience is a friendship that blossomed from our first Facebook Live together – my friendship with Renee.

Renee is my work BFF #bff4lyfe MY ONE AND ONLY! 

Mighty Velo – Birdy New Classic Intern

P.S. I was coerced into writing that last point.


About Us

Mighty Velo is more than just a simple bicycle company. We provide our employees with endless opportunities to grow, try new things and gain new experiences with our family. It is also the perfect place for you to discover your talents and maximise your potential!

This extends to our customer service as well as Mighty Velo does not sell bicycles only. We take pride in maintaining good relationships with our valued customers along the way. Kindly follow us on our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates and content!

Darryl's Bloggerino Cappucino at Mighty Velo
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Darryl's Bloggerino Cappucino at Mighty Velo
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