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Hello everyone! I am Natalie, a Marketing Content Intern here at Mighty Velo from Singapore Management University studying Psychology and Marketing. Currently in Year 2, I joined the company in May 2021 and will be leaving in August to continue my studies. I am part of the content department and involved in the day to day workings of the company. Let me tell you a little more about my internship with Mighty Velo! 

Natalie Marina Bay Sands

What I do as a Marketing Content Intern

Some aspects of my daily job scope includes content and collateral development, brainstorming with other marketing content interns for ideas or new concepts that we can spearhead. Depending on the task, I do copywriting and various content posting on our different social media platforms. This internship at Mighty Velo is actually my first time ever working with foldable bikes. It is extremely interesting to learn about the technicalities of bikes that I never knew existed. Another notable part of my job scope is going on shoots as both the photographer and talent together with my fellow interns. This is something that I strongly believe is a novel experience that you can get only at Mighty Velo. The photo above was taken during one of the very first shoots that I went on, which is for sure a day to remember!


While all the interns have their niche specialties, we are all given the opportunities to explore and try our shot at different assignments that allow us to learn new skills and expand our horizons!


Mum, I’m on Facebook LIVE!

An example of such would be the Facebook LIVE. I was in charge of hosting, together with my fellow T00 intern, Kai Ming. Below is a photo of us smiling from ear to ear during the LIVE, probably laughing at one out of the thousand jokes we made during the livestream; if you haven’t watched this LIVE, make sure to check it out on our Facebook or Youtube channel!

Natalie and Kaiming

This Facebook LIVE was an extremely interesting and new experience for me; I’m sure it is and would be for all the other interns at Mighty Velo. It truly is a special experience when the bosses place faith and trust in their interns to represent the company and disseminate important information to Mighty Velo’s audience! I thoroughly enjoyed this chance to be involved in the livestream; from the preparation stage all the way to being placed in front of the camera. Much credit definitely goes to Kai Ming for being a solid and reliable partner, couldn’t have done it without him!


MV Chats

Another memorable project that I’ve worked on is the MV Chat series that I hosted together with Kelly. I was just 2 weeks into my internship but I was already involved in the entire process, including post production. Through this series, it taught me various new skills that I’m sure will be useful to me in the future.

MV Chats Derek Ho

I also gleaned a lot by being in charge of interviewing Derek, our guest for one of the episodes. Specifically, I have gained more insight into interviewing skills and questions (eg. the way questions are phrased and certain body language that I need to be mindful of). Additionally, I learnt more about how his interest in foldable and Birdy bikes developed. Fun facts shared by Derek about his cycling journey also gave me a rare inside look into the likes of the cycling community in Singapore. Furthermore, speaking to a Mighty Velo’s customer face-to-face was refreshing as it puts a face to the supporters of our brand! 


Despite being part of the Content department (and not Design), I was pushed out of my comfort zone. When I was assigned to edit this video, I had to learn Adobe Premiere Pro from scratch (major thanks to Design department’s Sarah for teaching me!). Although I had many doubts to successfully churn out a well-edited video, I decided to just try it out and gave it my best shot. This task certainly was not an easy one for me but I’m glad to be pushed to the challenge. As a takeaway, I gained a valuable new skill.


What else did I do as a Marketing Content Intern?

Together with Jiaying, we also managed Mighty Velo’s TikTok account. We came up with fun and creative ways to promote our bikes while also giving viewers a look into our daily lives as interns! Being an avid user of TikTok, you can only imagine how excited I was to be put in charge of maintaining our company’s presence on TikTok. The creation of these TikToks are also always enjoyable. We would try to challenge ourselves to adapt to the current trends on TikTok to fit the context of our bikes and company. 

Mighty Velo Tik Tok

MV+ is another series that I participated in together with Eugene. We created various blog posts introducing the different accessories that Mighty Velo carries. To help the viewers understand our products better, we also came up with accompanying videos for our products. It was a blast filming this series on a weekly basis, though the consistent hustle was real. 


Before embarking on this project, we had to set the direction and concept of the video series. We did this by drawing inspiration from our favourite Singaporean content creators on Youtube. This allowed us to understand what the general Singaporean audience wants to see in Youtube videos that they click on, setting the tone for our videos. Our countless walking laps in the warehouse to collate the different accessories according to that week’s MV+ theme was also unforgettable. 


This was a project that I really liked. As this is a continuous series, you could really see how it evolves with every new episode being released. 


Check out this series on Mighty Velo’s blog and Youtube channel for a good laugh if you haven’t already done so!

Eugene and Natalie MV Plus

Not just Marketing Content Production

Occasionally, I would also complete ad-hoc tasks given. One noteworthy task would undeniably be the chance to sit in an intern applicant’s interview! It was both fascinating and surreal to learn and be part of Mighty Velo’s interview process. 


There are also, of course, the photoshoots that we were assigned to go on from time to time. Below is a picture of Renee and I from our streetwear themed Chinatown shoot. Fun fact: We did this shoot in the sweltering heat that day. There is never a dull moment for our work because we would go to new locations for every photoshoots and experiment with different concepts, whilst enjoying our time out of office!

Natalie and Renee

What I like about my Marketing Content Intern Experience 

I forged many new friendships here at Mighty Velo. The fun loving interns that I have around me daily definitely made this summer internship more enjoyable. We also learnt to balance between having fun and working hard as Mighty Velo’s 2021 summer interns.  Everyone, including the full-timers, in the office is easily approachable, willing to help, and take well care of each other. This makes me feel like we are all part of the same tight-knit community. In just a short 3 months, I was also exposed to many eye-opening facades of digital content creation (and more!)!


I would like to thank Mighty Velo for offering me this opportunity to have such an unique internship experience. For those of you who are looking for a fun summer internship that challenges you to grow as an individual, Mighty Velo is the company for you!


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My Internship Experience Here at Mighty Velo
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