My Internship Experience at Mighty Velo: A Second Look

Oh? Who might this familiar face be? Hasn’t he done a similar blog post before? Hmmmm… If that’s what you are thinking, yes you are absolutely correct! Hello there! It’s me, Schuyler, back again with a second version of my internship experience here at Mighty Velo. This time with short hair!

The last time I wrote this blog post, I was only about a month into my internship. Now about 4-5 months later, I have definitely been through so much more exciting experiences and gained newfound knowledge as well!

Re: Introduction of my internship

To reintroduce myself, my name is Schuyler. I am a Film, Sound and Video student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and I am a Video Content Producer Intern here at Mighty Velo. 

What has changed?

So, in my 4-5 month internship experience here, what has changed? Well for starters, I cut my hair. Partly because I had my NS medical checkup, but it was also time for a change. Needless to say, when I went back to the office the next day, I got some pretty huge reactions. :O

Me with long hair then vs me with short hair now

  • Bigger team

Okay, back to serious business. Quite a bit has changed here. Over time, we had more interns join our team and we were able to distribute our work quite evenly amongst ourselves. We split into 3 teams: HR team, Content team, and Design team (that’s where I am at :D). 

  • Phase 2 Heightened Alert (HA)

As Singapore moved into Phase 2 HA, we also had to take extra precautionary measures at our experience store. We stopped all bike viewing and test rides at the store, and were only open for bike checks and tunings and bike collections, all of which were by an appointment basis only. 

This meant that I was not required to be stationed at the store. However, that allowed me to have more time to work on more photo and video content! 


What I do now

  • Content Creation

In the Design team, I am mainly in charge of creating photo and video content for our social media platforms. This means that I would often go out for shoots and come back to edit them.

We have full creative control over our content, so that has been a really fun privilege to work with. With the Heightened Alert, I managed to use the extra time to experiment different video formats and bring something new to the table!

A mini photoshoot we did while collaborating with The Corner Shop

  • Facebook LIVE

Over here at Mighty Velo, we have regular Facebook LIVE events to update customers on any store updates, bike updates and ETA, as well as introduce some accessories that customers can choose to add-on as well.

For me, I am in-charge of the backend operations. Before the LIVE, I will set up the equipment and streaming software, and then run tests to make sure that everything is working properly. During the LIVE, I will then flash out graphics and videos on the screen to aid the presenting hosts.

We have been trying to play around with a bigger set-up. So now, we can have control over three cameras to switch between to give the audience a better view of our products!

BTS of our FB LIVE setup

Projects done

  • Birdy City: Our Most Popular Entry-Level Performance Foldable Bike!

This video was my first ever project done here. It was a very new experience for me as I had to be in front of the camera, which was and still is something out of my comfort zone, but I am glad that I got to try it out.

  • The Remake of the Original: The Birdy New Classic

After watching my fellow intern, now part-timer Kai Ming’s “P40 in 40 seconds” video, I was very inspired to create my own semi-commercial type video. Hence, I came up with some ideas in my head and tried to film something that was refreshing to watch, while fitting the retro-themed style of the New Classic.

  • The Limited Edition Birdy P40 vs The Speedy Birdy R20

This project was very much an experiment. I knew I wanted to try something new and not produce something that was similar to other video formats. Taking inspiration from The Matrix and Nat Geo Wild documentaries, I came up with this idea and slowly worked on it.

This project took a longer period of time to complete as the concept was very new, and I had to slowly figure out how I could achieve what I wanted. However, through this, I got the chance to dig deeper into using After Effects and explore text-to-speech AI functions, both of which were things that I’ve always wanted to try!

  • Birdy City Overview + Accessories you can upgrade on your City!

This video is an extension of the first Birdy City video I did previously, now hosted by another fellow intern, Darryl. Instead of just a brief introduction of the bike, we also introduced accessories that customers can purchase to upgrade and install on their bikes. 

  • Birdy City Performance Bike x Billy Bonkers light off-road tyres

For a long period of time, the Birdy GT has been sold out and customers were not able to pre-order their bikes to go on off-road trails such as Coney Island and the Green Corridor 🙁 

So to help customers fulfill their off-road itch, we had an alternative for them. The Birdy City with Billy Bonkers tyres. And as part of a mini-series of posts, this video aims to promote this combination through multiple short 30-1 min videos showcasing the bike in action. 

Overall Internship Experience

I have definitely learnt a lot in my internship experience here at Mighty Velo; What it’s like to run a business today through the use of social media, how to analyse the target group audience and create content directed towards them. 

I have also grown a lot as a person through this internship experience. Exposing myself to many different environments through interacting with customers at the retail store and being in front of the camera for shoots have definitely helped me to become a more confident, and more expressive person. 

One of my favourite things about being here is the amazing company I have around me. Everyone here, both interns and full-timers are all very friendly and easy to approach. Whenever I need clarification or a second opinion, I can just find anyone and they would be more than happy to help out.

But besides work, we also have a lot of fun teasing and playing with each other. The light-hearted atmosphere helped me to be comfortable with everyone and is something very rare to find nowadays. This is why I extended my internship for another one and a half months before heading back to school! 😀


I have enjoyed every minute here at Mighty Velo and I wouldn’t change it for anything else. 


About Us

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