My no nonsense take on Mighty Velo’s internship

Eugene Rohloff

“Be better than you were yesterday” is my favourite quote that I live by and pride myself with. This blog aims to share my experience here at Mighty Velo and what I have taken away from this internship. Aside from that, this is my no bs take on Mighty Velo’s internship! Read on to find out if this internship made me better than I was before.


Who am I?

My name is Eugene and I am an upcoming undergraduate enrolling into Singapore Management University, pursuing a Degree in Business. Eugene Mighty Velo Internship

Coming fresh out of an internship with a startup company, I did not know what to expect transitioning into a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) like Mighty Velo.


“Would I enjoy the culture?”

“Would I learn anything?”


These are some questions that went through my mind when I first accepted the internship. Being an overly practical person, I did not want to waste time in an internship that could not provide me with any material gain. However, this internship proved otherwise and I learned far more than I had expected.

Eugene and Kaiming

To give you readers some context, I was roped into Mighty Velo by my friend, Kai ming. He is a Video Content Intern and just like how our characters are polar opposites, our job scopes here are completely different as well. 


My role at Mighty Velo

As a Marketing Content Intern, I create content for Mighty Velo. From content ideation to content creation, me and my teammates work to churn out marketing ideas and new video concepts every day. 

Eugene East Coast Park

Being Marketing Content Interns we all act as ‘talents’ in front of the camera as well! We also work to schedule social media posts and come up with their captions. Lastly, we will also write the copy for marketing collateral such as blogs or posters.


Other than that, I take on other responsibilities as well. I lead the intern team by organising and planning for upcoming events. I delegate work accordingly and balance the workload of the team as well as the Mighty Velo’s bosses expectations. 

Mighty Velo Intro deck

In addition, I also do various ad-hoc things such as interviews, coming up with an introduction deck for the company and managing the backend of the website.


Through this internship, I have had many takeaways. This is just a short summary of some of the things I have learnt and experienced!

1. Reorganising the backend of the website

Mighty Velo Shopify

Reorganising the website took a lot of effort and trial and error as I was unfamiliar with the platform used to edit the pages.


I worked on trying to keep the pages more SEO friendly with more readable texts and less of an information dump. I also kept the pages updated with our latest photos from shoots and made sure to keep it updated with the latest changes to our store or retail prices. Lastly, I helped to backup the website after reading up online. 


P.S. It was easier than I thought it would be! 

Mighty Velo website backend

This whole trial and error taught me to go through a step by step thought process. This entailed learning the website’s original structure and implementing the necessary adjustments. Simultaneously, I tweaked the backend categorisation of elements so that it is easier to read and understand for future editors for the page. 


2. Planning and acting as a talent 


Planning for shoots and acting as a talent is something that I have never done before. This opportunity to do so really made me understand this role more. I have realised that being a talent in front of the camera isn’t as simple as it appears. 


It is not easy to strike the perfect balance of enthusiasm while also offering sufficient product information. It is something that I have learnt to grapple with while being an intern here. 


Do watch my videos and no hate please! 😀

Eugene no BS take on internship

Even though I do not really like taking photos of myself, I have learnt to always be willing to try out new things. Additionally, being a talent for shoots allowed me to gain self-confidence and grow more comfortable in my own skin. 


3. Working with the team

Delegating work has always been something that I enjoy doing as I get to tick work off my checklist. However, I can say that the most important thing is having a team that I can rely on and work with.

MV Interns profile banner

I can always rely on the team of interns in the office to pull their own weight. Love how everyone takes the initiative to produce quality work in a timely manner, it really makes things a lot less stressful! 


I did not need to micro manage the team and it allowed me to scrutinise my own work instead. Focusing on the quality of the content I produced and really just overseeing the team’s progress instead of pushing each and every one of them to do their work. 


Moreover, this made me realise that I need to always cherish a team of awesome people as I may not always work with people I can call friends. 


So… What to expect if you are a new intern?

Creative freedom!

New Classic Advertisement

There is just so much room to express your creativity here as an intern. The product may always be bikes but the video concept is purely up to your imagination! 


We have tried doing videos to mimic the concept of much larger organisations like Apple, Nike and RSAF. It may not always work out, but we learn from our mistakes, which is something incoming interns should be prepared for.


Less hand holding and more doing! 


With this method of producing work, interns learn from their own mistakes instead of getting told what is right and wrong. This means that however much you learn is all up to the amount of work you put in and how you learn from mistakes!


Culture in Mighty Velo’s

Hopefully you can tell by now, the culture at Mighty Velo is not your typical company. We get to work closely with the bosses and there is less of a hierarchy within the company. 


Interns are treated as though we are full time employees and our thoughts and opinions are always taken into consideration by the bosses. 


We always try to have weekly meals with the interns and the bosses and this ensures that the company from the top down will always be on the same page. During our meals we talk about anything and everything, from gossiping to playing lame games. It really feels more like a family than anything!

Eugene no bs internship

We also talk about ways to grow the company and this has always been an interest of mine, to find new ways to shift/disrupt the market. The support from my bosses has also reignited my interest to start my own business called ‘Invert’. Do support us here if you ever want good catalogue clothes for guys! 


The no BS take

If you made it all the way here, the no BS take on this internship is that it is really fun! However, how much you learn or takeaway from this internship is purely up to the individual. The more you contribute, the more you will get out of this internship. 


Your fit is what matters most when the bosses look for potential interns. Less technical skills and more of how you can vibe with the team here. This is not to say that you need to agree with the bosses; rather, you must be prepared to articulate why you believe differently. They will be more than happy to explain to you their thought processes and come to a common consensus after doing so.

Group cycling

Last but not least, I am grateful that I have had the chance to be a part of the Mighty Velo’s family! It has shaped me to realise that in order to see the bigger picture, I need to look at problems from multiple perspectives. 


Hopefully, this blog post will help potential interns gain a better understanding of the internship before applying. Ciao for now!


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My no nonsense take on Mighty Velo’s internship
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