When an one-month-old marketing intern writes a blog

Hi, I am that one-month-old marketing intern tasked to write this blog post about my internship experience at Mighty Velo thus far. Read on if you want to know more about what you can do in a short span of 4 weeks. But first, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Isabelle, but I prefer to be called Belle. Fun fact! 😀 The boys at the company call me Isa instead of Belle because they decided that the name Belle is too cliché, and they want to be unique. I don’t get it either. Anyways, I’m an undergraduate from National University of Singapore (NUS) studying Project and Facilities Management. 

I joined Mighty Velo as a video content intern. Mind you, I do not have any mass communication or business background, just a pure interest in marketing. Then you might be asking: Why is she not doing something related to her course? Well, read on to find out. 


A little back story

I realised, keyword: realised, I had an interest in creating video content only after my friend pointed it out to me. While working on a marketing video for a school project, all I felt was ‘this is fun’ but did not realise that I had an actual interest in it. It was my friend who told me, “Hey, why not learn more about content creation? You seem very interested in it and you may want to be in a similar field next time.”

Wow. If not for my friend, I wouldn’t have known that finding it ‘fun’ was having an interest in content creation (thanks friend!). Thus, with this newfound interest, I began looking for internships that allowed me to learn and practice these applications on the job. To be honest, I did not have much hope in landing an internship since almost all the marketing roles out there require ‘knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro’. And I obviously do not fit such requirements. 

So, I chanced upon Mighty Velo… and they accepted me. HURRAY! 


My worries before entering MV

I do not know why and how MV accepted me. I came in with little knowledge on content creation and zero in the bike industry, not to mention owning a bike myself. But MV was the only company that allowed me to learn on the job. 

During the induction programme, I was briefed that we would be taking on our own projects and work on it freely. But to me, that was a concern. With no knowledge in the applications used, how can I create content? But a fellow intern said “No worries, you can ask anyone here and we will guide you through. Everyone here is very friendly.” Nope, that did not sound reassuring at all. I was afraid I wasn’t up to the task and what if they find out that I’m useless at creating content and decide to kick me out… 

So, with that ‘they may kick me out anytime’ mindset, I still arrived on the first day for my internship. Little did I know that my concern would be thrown out of the window immediately. 


Starting from zero

On my first day, I toured around the company, folded a bike myself, and went through all the bike specifications. With just that, it allowed me to gain enough information about Mighty Velo and the type of content I’m supposed to create. So that’s one worry down for me. Trying to understand the bike industry wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. 

And guess what? It was the interns who brought me through all the introductions. So the intern at my induction wasn’t brushing me off when she said that people here are very nice and helpful. Also, before I miss this part out, I arrived at the office with a welcome snack pack on my desk. 🥺 

Next up would be on the actual marketing content creation.

Oh, and cool fact, I was amazed to find out that MV provides a MacBook as a company laptop for staff to freely use and do design work. As a Mac user, that’s a YES from me.

So, I started exploring the applications according to the marketing idea I had in mind. With no doubt, I faced multiple problems using these applications which were completely new to me. I would first hit up my best friend, Google. But it wasn’t of much help when it comes to using the itty-bitty functions to recreate the idea I had in my brain.

Well, this is the time I turn to my colleagues for help. That’s when I realised no more Google being my best friend, colleagues around me are now my best mentors at work. Because they would patiently go through the functions with me and introduce other possible methods to make my life easier when dealing with the applications. 


YES, the actual marketing content creation

With all that, I created my first ever video at MV using Adobe Illustrator and Premiere Pro. It’s an Instagram reel to welcome 2022 and it’s inspired from TikTok. You know the one where people collage multiple photos and make them appear according to the beat of the music? Yeah, it’s that one in your mind right now.

MightyVelo Welcome 2022

So, my video was released on MV’s main Instagram page. Seeing your work appear on a public account spells Accomplishment. That’s not even the end. I was also given an overall remark to have a “good sense of rhythm and beat” = more Accomplishment. Receiving positive feedback for my first ever marketing video done using a completely unfamiliar application made me feel like I made the right decision to go for this internship. 


And my favourite part of this marketing internship?

We are not desk-bound! As a video content intern, we have to create our own materials to generate content. If you don’t know what that means, it means going for a spin! I mean photoshoot. Yes, photoshoot! We dress up, look good, grab a bike in the office and off we go! I’m fulfilling my childhood modelling dream here at MV too!

In other words, the photos and videos you see on our account are all taken by us. Nope, none are stock photos. You can take any photos you want in any poses and let your creative juices flow. Take some cool shots to update your personal Instagram account too! 

Mighty Velo Intern Mighty Velo Intern Mighty Velo Intern

Photos of me that ended up on my own Instagram account

And having creative freedom here is real too! Let me just quote what Ms Vivian, our supervisor, had said to me. 

“So, if we have new marketing ideas, can we present them to you?”

“Oh, new ideas? Yeah of course! They are like music to my ears. That’s what we need here!”

Linking this to what she mentioned during my interview and on content creation itself, content creation is the more the merrier, and MV supports that. Thus, everyone has a unique sense of creativity and having a variety of content is always better. MV sees that point and supports creative freedom.

Hence, we are encouraged to explore new marketing ideas and be exposed to more content online. That’s how we generate creative content to be posted on our social media accounts every single day. 

Mighty Velo Marketing Content   Mighty Velo Marketing Content Mighty Velo Marketing Content

I’m proud to say that I made these for MV IG


How can you make your marketing internship more fulfilling? 

Remember when I mentioned content creation is the more the merrier and how MV supports creative freedom, it takes two hands to clap. Therefore, when MV gives interns sufficient creative freedom, we can also be proactive by suggesting the type of content we want to produce. Instead of waiting for instructions to create the type of content needed, we can always create videos of our own.

It can be inspired from a successful advertisement, a well-known brand or even a trendy TikTok video you saw that morning. The style of video can always vary and it’s all up to you. 



So yeah, it’s all up to your own efforts to get the best out of this internship. For instance, I came in hoping to just touch and learn some basic skills of the applications, but I am now here with so much more. Never would I have expected myself, a one-month-old intern here at MV, to handle their entire Instagram feed using the application I just learnt a couple weeks ago.

Hence, it may sound cliché but if you are willing to learn, there are plenty of opportunities here for you to get the best out of this internship.