What you should know about Birdy: New Classic vs New Classic PLUS!

To put simply, the Birdy New Classic PLUS is an upgrade from the Birdy New Classic. Nevertheless, an upgrade does not necessarily mean that it is better for you. It is best to consider 

  1. the kind of bike you are looking for – number of speeds, type of brakes, tyres, frame design
  2. the types of road you want to/ usually cycle on – PCNs or light off-roads 

With that in mind, let me first introduce..


The Birdy New Classic


It’s Purpose and Tyres

The Birdy New Classic is our entry-level Birdy model meant for casual/leisure riding. To suit this purpose, it is equipped with standard CST 18×1.5 inch tyres for riding on regular park connectors (PCNs) in Singapore.

CST 18×1.5 inch tyres
CST 18×1.5 inch tyres


It’s Derailleur

Shimano Acera 8-speed


Moving on, the Birdy New Classic has 8 speeds (aka number of gears). Since the number of speeds on the bike is determined by the type of derailleur fitted on, with the Shimano Acera 8-speed, there will be 8 gears on the bike.

Why does the type of derailleur matter? 

The type of derailleur can give the rider a difference in their riding experience. This is because of how the derailleur works – when a rider pedals and shifts the lever, the cable tension changes, causing the chain-guide to move from side to side “derailing” the chain onto different sprockets. As such, how smooth or fast the gear changes is dependent on the derailleur which can influence the riding experience. As a matter of fact, many come for a test ride at our retail store to test this out – smoothness and swiftness of gear change. 

Now, if you are wondering about the type of brakes, you are on the right track! 


It’s Brake

The Birdy New Classic uses V-brake, a type of rim brake. With this V-brakes, the bike can stop effectively by pulling onto the brake cable, causing the caliper arms on both sides to be pushed against the rim of the wheels when the brake lever is pulled. 

Tektro 837AL V-brake
Tektro 837AL V-brake


Why are V-brakes used on the Birdy New Classic instead?

To give the best performance for casual riding, V-brake is the best option for the job. As V-brakes have arms that are longer, they offer a better stopping power. The braking power is even more enhanced as it is paired with a compatible lever – the Tektro 837AL V-brake with the Tektro CL-330RS lever for V-brake. What’s even better is that the V-brake is easy to maintain for your casual riding and also easy to replace when needed!

Tektro CL-330RS – V-brake lever


It’s Frame

What matters next is whether the frame design is to your liking! 

The Birdy New Classic has an aluminium tubular frame, paying homage to the Birdy Classic Gen 1 retro tubular frame design in 1992. The frame today keeps the vintage look, with a more circular and cleaner frame. Not only that, it is redesigned for better rigidity and has a sleeker look with internal cable routing. With that, you have a modern ride in a retro body! 

Tubular frame


Did everything about the Birdy New Classic match what you have been looking for in a bike?

If yes, you can check out all the colours available on the Birdy New Classic here: https://www.mightyvelo.com/birdy-new-classic/

It is also available in our new colour, Granite, from the Birdy X Interpon series! Here’s a good look at it.

[New Colour] Granite – Birdy X Interpon


You can also read up more about the Birdy X Interpon series here: https://www.mightyvelo.com/interpon-powder-coatings-3/ 

If you are looking for something more versatile… 

Here’s the Birdy New Classic PLUS!


The Birdy New Classic PLUS

While similar to the Birdy New Classic, the Birdy New Classic PLUS boasts upgraded tyres and pedals.


The Tyres

Instead of having the regular tyres for casual riding, the PLUS is fitted with 18-inch Billy Bonkers MTB tyres

18-inch Billy Bonkers MTB tyres


So what are Billy Bonkers tyres?

Billy Bonkers tyres are known for their tread design to provide maximum traction on rough terrains. With these grippy edges, you will be well supported on sandy and dusty roads. The small ramps in the middle of the tyres further maximises the smoothness of the ride, giving even more speed.

With Billy Bonkers tyres, not only can you ride on PCNs, you can also ride on light off-roads like on Coney Island and Green Corridor! If you are looking to ride on these kinds of terrains or you prefer a bike with more versatility, the PLUS will be right up your lane! 

In fact, the PLUS uses the same Billy Bonkers tyres as our customised Birdy JK11 Gravel! 😉

What about the upgraded pedals then?


The Pedals

While the Birdy New Classic has VP-195E pedals for general use, the Birdy New Classic PLUS has DMR MTB V6 pedals which are wider to give you a firmer grip when pedalling.

VP-195E (Left), DMR MTB V6 pedals (Right)


Is the Birdy New Classic PLUS more to your liking? 

Here are the two colours available! What’s even better is that you can Grab&Go at our retail store right now!

Pearl Mouse Grey (Left), Red/Black (Right)


You can also read up more information about the Birdy New Classic PLUS here: https://www.mightyvelo.com/birdy-new-classic-plus-8sp/ 


Final note

So… Here’s everything you need to know about the Birdy New Classic and Birdy New Classic PLUS! Instead of choosing for the better, choose a bike that is to your needs! And sometimes, you really don’t need the better but the most compatible.