A very honest and heartfelt take on my internship at Mighty Velo.

Besides penning down my honest thoughts about this internship, this blog will also give you an insight into the BTS (behind-the-scenes) at Mighty Velo. As much as I enjoyed this internship, it’s also not all fun and sunshine as I observed the blood, sweat, and tears (not literally) of many. This is all part of the process and exactly what makes this internship even more fulfilling, interesting and unique.  


So… Let’s begin this journey. 


About Me

Internship at Mightyvelo


Let me start off with an introduction. Hi, I’m Xiao Jing, a video content intern here at MV! I’m in my third year at NUS Communications and New Media (CNM). Unlike many who are here for a summer internship, I’m taking this internship in my 2nd semester as part of my curriculum, which explains my almost six months here at MV. 


So, how did I come to apply for this internship at MV?

In fact, it was the only internship I had my eye on. While reading the job description, it just sounded exactly like what I was looking for – a place that allows for creative freedom with a fully packed pantry 😉. Jokes aside, as someone who always has lots of ideas in mind, I thought it was the perfect place for me to put my creative ideas to good use. 


Indeed, the internship turned out to be even better than what I had expected. 


Being a video content intern

My first video project

On my first day, I was immediately tasked with working on a reel about the CarryAll. Knowing absolutely nothing about the CarryAll, and basically nothing about any other foldable bikes here, I started reading up on each bike. And yes, it’s all real when I say they give full creative freedom! I have full control over what I want to show and the format of it.

To put simply, I was the producer, director, editor and any other roles you could think of. Yes, it may sound overwhelming for a start, but for me, I was actually half-worried but also half-excited at the same time. I was worried as I was unsure if I could meet up to any expectations but was also excited as ideas started popping into my mind and I could not wait to start. So I started planning for it, from the content of the reel to the location, to talent casting and their outfit. With the help of two fellow interns, the filming of my reel went smoothly. (Thanks Mabel and Belle! 🥰)


After finalising my edits, I engaged in a feedback session with my fellow interns and my supervisor, Ms Vivian. From there, I got some compliments and also learned some pointers about video editing here due to the nature of our target audience.


So there we go, my first project and first reel was being published on our Mighty Velo Facebook page. 

Internship - Reels
(@mightyvelo facebook page: https://fb.watch/cIVN3_S6mG/)


Yes, I also learnt to write the caption with guidance from Ms Vivian.


My other video works

Consequently, I also worked on other video projects during my internship here. Notably, the Fidlock series. It was different working with the Fidlock products as they are way smaller than our bikes. It was fun to think of other creative ideas on how I can present them. 


And this time, it was all self-managed by me. Besides knowing that I had to make reels about the Fidlock products, there were no other specifics to note. I did the whole planning, directing and filming again but this time I took my time experimenting with different filming techniques and editing style and also played around with different props. It was a fun process overall! With a little help from everyone available, here are the reels on the Fidlock series! (Thanks Mr Steven, JJ and Chin Ling! 🥰)


Mightyvelo Internship - Fidlock Mightyvelo Internship - Fidlock Mightyvelo Internship - Fidlock

(@mightyvelo instagram page)


A place full of learning opportunities

This internship is the one for you if you are planning to learn more than what you came here for. Besides working on videos, I was also given the opportunity to experience retail, hone my designing skills, be on the opposite end of interviews and learn how Facebook LIVE is being carried out.


Experiencing Retail

There’s a strangely attractive thing about retail. For starters, it could be physically and mentally draining, and this is in all honesty. 


However, as time went by, I got to see the other side of it and being at retail can sometimes even make my day. How so? It feels soooo rewarding when a customer I have been interacting with decides to purchase a bike. It’s like, did they really just buy a bike because of all I have said? True or not, I would like to think that they did haha! I also found joy interacting with really nice customers and listening to their stories. It really helped in making content! 


But that’s not all! At retail, it’s not just a one-way interaction where I’m introducing our bicycles to customers. It was a two-way interaction where I got to learn about the technicalities of bikes from customers and from our retail veteran 老将, Tommy! 


That’s also what makes retail so interesting. The world of bicycles is never ending. When I thought I learned something new, there are even more layers to it. So whenever I thought about something, I would just shoot the question to Tommy or to our very friendly bike techs (Shoutout to Sabda, Ming Sheng and Khalnain!) and they would answer my questions very nicely.

Questions I had when experiencing Retail…

So one question I remember asking was “Why does the Reach GT 20” wheelset just feel a little bit different/bigger than the Birdy R20 20” wheelset?”. I was really curious because aren’t they both 20” wheelset in name? That’s when I learned that there is also a difference between the 20 inch wheelset as one is 20”-406 while one is 20”-451, where the 20”-451 is a bit larger and the 20”-406 is like a 19 point something inch instead. It’s just because they name wheel inches in even numbers. So yea, this is just one of the many fun facts I learn when I’m at retail. 


It is fascinating and provides me with a sense of achievement when I see the content I produced translate into action from customers. One instance was when I was introducing the newly launched Fidlock 800 bottle to a customer and she said that she already saw it on our socials. At that moment, my heart melted. It felt so rewarding to know that my content has reached customers. 


I could go on and on but I guess you get my point haha! If you have the chance to experience retail, you will really learn so much more than what you would in the office and you will come to love it! 


Designing for our social media pages

Back to my main responsibility which is managing our social media pages. Besides posting images on our social media pages (Mighty Velo, Birdy Bicycle and Pacific CarryMe), there was also designing work involved for posting on our main Mighty Velo pages. As much as I have already learnt the basic skills of designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign through my module and some self-learning, there was not much opportunity for me to practice these skills and I was looking forward to honing my design skills in this internship.

And so she says… Guess what? I ended up using Canva for designing most of the time. As I had to make posts for everyday posting, it was the faster way of doing it as the tools are more user friendly. Not to say that I did not use any design software at all, sometimes I would incorporate Photoshop and Illustrator as there are limits to what Canva can do as well. All you need is a creative mind for this internship! So here are a few posts I did, you can also see on our Mighty Velo Instagram page. 


(@mightyvelo instagram page)


On the opposite ends of Interviews

Little did I know that I would end up on the opposite side of interviews when I was being interviewed. It was a unique experience as I was involved in the whole process from contacting intern applicants to interviewing them. At Mighty Velo, interns are encouraged to be involved in the interviewing process as we are the ones who will be working with them closely. I found this to be unique to Mighty Velo and I am grateful to be a part of it. 


Facebook LIVE

If you have been following us, you would have watched our Facebook LIVE where we launch new models and give updates. If you have not heard of it, you can follow us from now on! We give lots of exclusive and juicy updates on our Facebook LIVE first before anywhere else. 


(Follow our LIVE @mightyvelo Facebook Page | Watch replay @mightyvelo Youtube Page)


That aside… In my first week of internship, I was exposed to the running of our Facebook LIVE. It was an interesting experience and I did not expect it to be 1.5 hours long. For that 1.5 hrs, the hosts will be introducing the bike models and sharing any bike related information. I was behind the scenes watching the senior interns work on transcribing what the hosts were saying. This was later passed on to me and I have been working BTS transcribing in every other LIVE. So… if you have been thinking that we have a software system or any sort that has been transcribing the hosts’ words in our LIVE, now you know that it’s all done by humans. 


Final thoughts on this internship

So… besides gaining a new experience, learning new skills and completing my module requirement, I am also bringing these fun-filled memories back with me. Besides missing the food around here, I will also miss the aunties and uncles at the coffee shop down the street. Not to forget, our security uncle who is always greeting me with a smile on his face. Not missing out our office people, I will miss our lunch talks and the small talks about life. Thanks for everything and this internship is definitely one of the biggest takeaways in my life. 🥰


Signing off now… Thank you for taking your time to read this.