A HR Internship Experience at Mighty Velo

“The fun fact of the day is about……PO…SEI…DON…KISS!” – That is the sentence I am commonly known for in the office during this internship! 🤪

Who am I?

Hey everyone! My name is Kelly, a Human Resource (HR) a.k.a Marketing a.k.a Admin a.k.a Pantry Rat Intern here at Mighty Velo. I recently just graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business Studies, specialising in Human Resource Management.

So, you may be wondering how I ended up here at Mighty Velo? 

Well, I had to complete my six-months mandatory internship during my final year in polytechnic and when I chanced upon “Mighty Velo” in the list of companies recommended by my school. I went to search it up on Instagram and Facebook. I was genuinely intrigued by their social media presence and the kind of content they produce. Their past-intern’s excellent testimonials about the company was also a huge plus point but most important of all was…the bike building opportunity given to every intern! (psst…where else can you get that?)  – that’s when I knew Mighty Velo was the one to go!

So…what do I do here?

Eat…eat..and eat! 😋 HAHA (jk!)

Other than just eating, my partner-in-crime (Jia Ying, the other HR intern) and I are mainly in-charge of updating job listings of the various job positions offered by the company on the recruitment platforms. Constant updates of the listings that were posted on the respective tertiary institutions’ recruiting portals was also part of our job.

HR-Related Work

We manage the entire end-to-end recruitment process, from analyzing resumes and identifying career gaps to scheduling interviews. Thereafter, we will prepare interview questions before screening the potential candidates and providing on-board training and induction for the new employees. We also got the opportunity to redesign the employee induction booklet as well as the various job contracts to make it more aligned with the government rules and regulations. 

In addition to that, researching on the relevant government grants that the company can adopt and applying for government grants were also part of our job scope. As I have never been so hands-on in such HR practices, I am confident to say that this company has really given me plenty of opportunities to grow. I was able to explore many different areas in this field of work, which I am really passionate about! 

Admin-Related Work

Apart from these HR-related work, we were also in-charge of administrative work such as organizing company receipts/expenditure before submitting the documents to an external accountant. We also manage and file daily invoices using a company accounting software and prepare official documents tasked to submit by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

👆🏻me with my partner-in-crime (Jia Ying)

While you might be wondering if this is all we do as a HR and Admin intern, you are absolutely wrong! One of the things that I was most excited about getting hands-on with non-HR-related work was getting to build my first ever bike from scratch! Just so you know, a bike takes about three HOURS to build but I took three DAYS…what a rookie! Nonetheless, the bike technicians guided me well throughout the entire process. They also patiently explained to me what the different compartments of a bike does, despite their busy schedules. 

Marketing-Related Work

I got the opportunity to learn how to manage customer emails and private messages on the various social media platforms. Additionally, I learnt how to transcribe and manage the comments during our weekly Facebook LIVE. I also got to learn how to create contents for our company’s Instagram and Facebook handles. My favourite part of it all was to go out for shoots at different parts of Singapore! I got to learn how to take nice photos and videos. Even though I had to take a step out of my comfort zone to go in front of the camera to act as a talent despite being camera shy 😳, I really enjoyed myself during every outdoor and indoor shoots with my peers!

👆🏻me acting as a talent for CarryAll Compact Tricycle product shoot

👆🏻me acting as a “Mighty Genie” for “Refer-A-Friend” promotional video

👆🏻catch me in the video between 19:16 to 23:32!

One of my biggest projects was being in-charge of the Order Forms for customers to place their orders or register an interest for our various bike models. I was solely involved in editing and managing these forms, ensuring that they are error-free and up-to-date. It was a pretty tedious process and I took up many hours of hard work and concentration. Hence, I am very proud to tell people that I singlehandedly completed the forms for the company’s immediate use! 

Apart from these, I was also a “Part-Time Retail Assistant” at Mighty Velo’s Experience Store! My first few experiences at the store were pretty nerve-wracking because of my lack of knowledge in bicycles. However, under the guidance of my “Lao Jiaos” at the store, I was able to confidently introduce our various bike models to our customers. I also managed to explain fluently to them about the specialties of the different bike models, before recommending them a bike model which I think were most suitable for their use!

What I’ll Miss Most…

While our bosses encourage us to hustle hard at work, they also give us freedom to create funny content on TikTok during our free time to relieve some stress! Being a part-time TikTok star on our company account (@mightyvelo), doing stupid dances after hours would definitely be one of the things that I will miss most after I leave this company. Do check out our TikTok account for the LOLs! 🤣 You can find me and the other interns doing silly dances! Gosh…we really did have so much fun and laughter while doing Tiktok for Mighty Velo! 

My Biggest Takeaway

My biggest takeaway from this internship would definitely be the many friendships I have forged. These include the bosses, bike technicians, retail staff, full-timers as well as my fellow interns that I have met in Mighty Velo. I would definitely miss all the random lunch conversations, heart-to-heart-talks after hours and most important of all…the pantry food!!! 😫

This internship has given me the opportunity to hone many skill sets apart from what I specialise in. I have grown so much from the person I was since the very start of this internship. If I was given the chance to do this all over again, I would definitely be more than willing to go through all the highs and lows here at Mighty Velo once more! 🥰

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