My internship experience at Mighty Velo as a non-cyclist!

I am Shao Wei, a Video Content Intern at Mighty Velo and I am a final year student in Media Post-Production at Ngee Ann Poly’s School of Film and Media Studies. After my internship, I am slated for national service. 

I happen not to cycle during my leisure time, so you may be curious why I applied for an internship with one of Singapore’s largest bike companies? 

I hope I can answer this question here in this blogpost! 

I am a Video Content Intern at MV, and I do exactly that, CONTENT! I think of new ideas and concepts and then create content for our social media platforms, from Tik Tok videos to Instagram reels.

Fear of the unknown

At the start of my internship, when I was informed that I would be creating new content for our fledgling company TikTok account, I was petrified.  

I am not exactly a digital native even despite my young age of 19. I have never even used TikTok before my internship and had absolutely no clue how to traverse through the TikTok platform. Unlike other students who would be thrilled at this opportunity, I belong to the minority of students who did not use TikTok or watch TikTok content before my internship, so I had no idea what my journey would be like.

Now, after four months in, I am more comfortable and better at TikTok content creation, with thousands of views and over 500 new followers.  I am happy to say I am now accustomed to TikTok content creation. 


When I had settled into my internship, and got to know more of Mighty Velo and its product offerings and my colleagues, I remember my first TikTok project was to create a Reel about the Fidlock bike accessory products that were being marketed during the year end festive season. 

While past interns had a big team of interns colleagues supporting one another, I flew solo for this project. 

From planning, to filming, and post editing…It felt very exciting to be able to create a product introduction video, showcasing the functionality and compatibility with other products all by myself, and then post it on the company Instagram account! 

As a Media Post Production student, video editing has been my forte. Here at Mighty Velo, I have had many opportunities to further develop this skill. 

Draft after draft, edit after edit… “How do you cut 10 minutes of content into a minute?” “How do you keep viewers engaged?” were just some of the questions I had grown to overcome while editing countless footage into relevant content.

Video editing is my forte 

I was tasked to edit the video for the company website to show the customers that Mighty Velo treats all the bicycles that were sent for maintenance with care. There was about 10 minutes’ worth of footage, but Ms Vivian wanted me to cut it down to 1 minute so that the viewers of the video would not lose interest in it after a few minutes. I spent a few days doing this, with the first round of cuts where I examined all the footage and picked which one I wanted in the video. Next, I put all the clips together and started cutting the clips so that I could reach the 1-minute mark. I had to do this a few times, revisiting each clip and shortening it. I also went through a few drafts with my boss, adding a title and end screen after reviewing it.

The Making of Birdy City Video  

Another feather in my cap, is the opportunity to do post editing for some long length company videos. This is something I am particularly proud of: the Birdy City introduction video which is a group team effort between my colleague, Jun Jie and me. Jun Jie and I have worked closely together in my internship here. 

Filming B-rolls, editing cuts and creating motion graphics for the Birdy City video makes me pretty proud of what I got to achieve in this video production.  Do check it out on our Mighty Velo Youtube channel: and watch our video!

Beyond illustrating my ideas through video content, during my internship, I also managed to master Adobe Illustrator.  I learnt Adobe IIllustrator in order to create designs for Instagram and our retail store at BreadTalk IHQ Building at Tai Seng. 

My challenge was to create an instructional Instagram Story for customers on how to collect Qoo10 vouchers during the annual 11.11 sale. It must have been done well enough so I got to do new content for our online 12.12 campaign. 

What else did I get to try my hands on during my internship?

Facebook Live, Tik Tok Live and Instagram Live were a common scene during my internship here. 

Whether it is behind the camera, or in front of it – I’ve tried it all here at Mighty Velo! 

Now, no Blackmagic camera, ATEM Mini or YoloLiv devices are too hard to master and no Streamlabs or OBS is too difficult to use now that I have tried and used them all in the past four months. 

I dare say now that I can comfortably set up everything by myself. It all worked out when another intern, Klennan, finally joined me.  Both outdoor and studio photography came to fruition after much planning. 

Different photo angles? Good lighting? Outfits? Post editing? We’ve got them covered in our photoshoots! I may not be the best at looking good in front of the camera, but I would say that I have done a pretty good job!

What to expect when interning here

Just two words: adaptable and open-minded! 

As the only intern for the most of my internship, there were MANY new things to try and learn. I learnt to be independent and reliable and willing to try new things and learn new technology even if I have never before. 

My roles and responsibilities were not just limited to my job title so be ready for any new challenge coming your way! 

This has been a great environment to grow and better myself. I learnt to enjoy new challenges at work and to embrace new skills and technology and learn how to use live streaming equipment.

I definitely enjoyed my time here, growing beyond just my video editing skills. I enjoyed working with the people around me at the office which makes things even more fun and makes mundane work more entertaining.

I don’t even cycle and thoroughly enjoyed my time here, why wouldn’t you? So come and join Mighty Velo as an intern! It will be fun and enriching.