CarryMe foldable bike vs CarryAll folding tricycle?

Can you cycle? Do you want a compact foldable bicycle that folds within seconds and can roll into the MRT as it is allowed in public? No need to take a taxi or Grab when it rains! The CarryMe folding bicycle will be your answer to a A-to-B commute or a leisure ride! Or maybe you cannot cycle but have always wanted to take up cycling as a hobby? Then you must read on to learn more about the adult foldable tricycle called CarryAll!  

The CarryMe is a light and compact folding bicycle made by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan for those who can balance on two wheels and cycle. On the other hand, the CarryAll foldable tricycle is the Carryme’ sister tricycle also made in Taiwan but primarily designed for non-cyclists and for those who cannot balance on two wheels. Here, we will break it down for you the visual and physical differences between the CarryMe and CarryAll so you know which one to get for your rides!

CarryMe Foldable Bike

The CarryMe is the world’s smallest and most compact folding bike designed and manufactured by Pacific Cycles in Taichung, Taiwan. It is designed for cyclists who can balance on two wheels and cycle. It weighs only 8.4 kg, and can take up to 85 kg in weight despite its small size.  Believe it or not, it has 8 inch wheels that are durable and sturdy! 

It is very simple to fold and unfold, and takes under 10 seconds to fold and unfold after getting used to folding it. When folded, it is compact enough to be brought into both the MRT and public bus, as it measures at 32cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 93cm (L). You are able to place up to 5 CarryMes in a sedan car boot with no issue!

Even though it is small and compact, it still is able to travel quite a long distance as shown by YouTuber Ghib Ojisan, who completed a 140 km journey around Singapore on this bike.

We do not recommend doing a round-island trip like this on the CarryMe, but hey, it is possible.

The wheels are 8 inch size and many think it is designed only for kids! That is wrong! The CarryMe is designed and built for adults but young children aged 9 years and above or around can also ride the CarryMe.

8 inches and single speed does not mean it is slow! The CarryMe allows the user to cycle quickly and easily from Point A to B and it is stable and fast! Plus, it being single speed would mean that maintenance is very easy and manageable.

CarryMe even lets you cycle overseas in urban cities like South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, as it is small enough to bring it in check-in baggage. In certain countries such as Japan, there is a big and vibrant CarryMe Club where riders host events to ride together. If you want to join one of these events, we have a CarryMe travel case that is sold separately for your overseas bike travels with the CarryMe!

CarryMe comes in 8 frame colours: White, Black, Crimson Red, Sky Blue, Slate Grey, Lime Green, Yellow, Amber Orange.


The CarryAll is a foldable tricycle designed and manufactured by Pacific Cycles in Taichung, Taiwan. It is designed for non-cyclists and for those who cannot cycle or balance on two wheels. It weighs 10.3 kg, and can take up to 100 kg in weight. It is made for adults, young teens and children above 9 years or 1.45 m tall to cycle when they cannot cycle at all.

The CarryAll’s folding and unfolding is also very simple. It takes about 10 seconds to do so, and when folded it is able to be pushed into the MRT or public buses. When folded, it measures at 32cm (H) x 55cm (W) x 97cm (L).The small footprint it has when folded will allow people to easily store the CarryAll no matter if they live in a HDB or Condominium.

It allows people who have phobias of falling off a bicycle cycle as it has three wheels, one front wheel and 2 rear wheels, which would make it safe and stable for these people.

The CarryAll is very useful for people who have post surgery needs. People who cannot walk after a surgery can use the CarryAll to cycle on the spot by backpedaling or use it to cycle slowly and safely.

The CarryAll is also great for young teens and adults with special needs as it is a single speed tricycle that is designed not to go fast. Parents have bought the CarryAll to let their children cycle alongside them and the parents are able to pace themselves and control their speed.

Active seniors love the CarryAll. There are active seniors who will actually cycle long distances slow and easy because it is a single speed, which is not meant for fast riding or the roads.

The CarryAll comes in 2 different frame colours: Khaki Brown and Slate Grey.


Now, let’s talk about the similarities of both bikes. Both the CarryMe and the CarryAll are designed and manufactured by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan. They both are made using an aluminium frame, and are single speed folding transportation devices that fold and unfold in 10 seconds about the same way.

Here are the reasons why to choose one over the other.

If you cannot cycle due to phobia, surgery, illnesses or simply just not able to balance, but still want to keep active and cycle like everyone else, then your choice should be the CarryAll.

The CarryAll is made for non-cyclists to help them balance on while riding with three wheels, a regular cyclist would find it feel weird when riding, so if you are an abled body regular cyclist, we would recommend that you take up the CarryMe instead of the CarryAll, as the CarryMe is made for cyclists who can balance on two wheel and can cycle.

Which one should I pick?

The choice between the two should be relatively simple; if you are able to cycle without any assistance, you should go for the CarryMe. If you are not able to cycle for whatever reason there is, be it post-surgery or phobias, you should go for the CarryAll.

If you still are not able to decide between the two of them, you can come down to our retail store at Breadtalk IHQ to test ride and see which one you like the most and suits you the best. Be sure to ask our friendly staff for help or if you have any questions about the CarryMe and CarryAll!