Hidden gems uncharted: Singaporean Bike Routes

While popular cycling routes like East Coast Park draw large crowds, there are many lesser-known paths waiting to be explored.

In this article, we will delve into some of Singapore’s hidden gems, offering cyclists unique experiences and picturesque views.

1. The Green Corridor

The Green Corridor is a 24-kilometer stretch following the former railway line between Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Woodlands Train Checkpoint. This linear park is a peaceful escape from the city, featuring lush greenery and wildlife encounters.

Along the way, you’ll come across old railway tracks, steel bridges, and historical landmarks, making it a perfect blend of nature and history.

The Green Corridor is also home to various community gardens and recreational spaces, where locals grow their own produce and engage in leisure activities. This route provides a rare glimpse into Singapore’s railway history and a close connection to nature.

2. Punggol Waterway Park

Picture credits: NParks

Punggol Waterway Park is a scenic park located in the northeastern part of Singapore. With a network of cycling paths, the park offers beautiful views of waterways, bridges, and lush landscapes.

Cyclists can explore the park and its surroundings, including the Punggol Settlement and Coney Island, a tranquil green haven accessible via a short ride from the park.

As you cycle along the Punggol Waterway, you’ll come across various themed areas such as the Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, and Heritage Zone, each providing a different ambience and unique features. This park is perfect for a family-friendly outing, complete with playgrounds and picnic spots to enjoy.

3. Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin, a small island off Singapore’s northeastern coast, offers a unique, rustic cycling experience. To get there, take a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Once on the island, rent a bike and traverse the dirt paths that lead to the Chek Jawa Wetlands, a rich ecosystem teeming with wildlife. For more experienced riders, the Ketam Mountain Bike Park offers challenging trails and exciting off-road experiences.

Besides its natural attractions, Pulau Ubin is home to a charming village known as Kampong, where locals live in traditional wooden houses. A visit to this island is like stepping back in time, as it offers a rare glimpse into Singapore’s past.

4. Seletar Aerospace Park

Picture credits: Sassy Mama

Seletar Aerospace Park, located in northeastern Singapore, is an aviation hub surrounded by tranquil, picturesque surroundings. This area features wide, quiet roads and well-preserved colonial buildings, making it perfect for a leisurely ride.

Cyclists can also visit The Oval and Wheeler’s Estate, both offering a mix of dining and recreational options. Additionally, the park is home to the Singapore Youth Flying Club, where you may catch a glimpse of aspiring pilots in training.

The juxtaposition of the old-world charm and modern aviation technology makes Seletar Aerospace Park a unique cycling destination.

5. Kranji Countryside

Picture credits: The Occasional Traveller

The Kranji Countryside, located in northwest Singapore, provides a refreshing change of pace from the city. Here, cyclists can explore local farms, nature reserves, and the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Don’t forget to stop by Bollywood Veggies for a delicious farm-to-table meal or visit Hay Dairies Goat Farm to learn more about goat farming and sample fresh goat milk.

The Kranji Marshes, Singapore’s largest freshwater marshland, is another highlight worth exploring. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, the area offers a peaceful respite for birdwatchers

6. Pasir Ris Park

Picture credits: Trip Advisor

Pasir Ris Park, located in the eastern part of Singapore, offers a serene coastal escape for cyclists. With a well-maintained network of cycling paths, the park provides stunning views of lush mangrove forests, coastal landscapes, and diverse wildlife.

The park also features an extensive boardwalk, allowing cyclists to enjoy a leisurely ride as they take in the surrounding scenery. Nearby attractions include the Pasir Ris Fishing Pond, where you can try your hand at fishing, and the Gallop Stable, which offers horseback riding experiences.

7. Labrador Nature Reserve

Picture credits: The Travel Intern

Labrador Nature Reserve, situated in the southern part of Singapore, is a historical park that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and military history. The park boasts scenic coastal cycling paths and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The reserve’s Berlayer Creek mangrove trail allows visitors to explore Singapore’s rich mangrove ecosystem up close. Cyclists can also visit the Fort Pasir Panjang remnants, which played a crucial role in Singapore’s defence during World War II.

8. Sembawang Park

Picture credits: The Smart Local

Sembawang Park, located in the northern part of Singapore, is a tranquil seaside park with a rich maritime history. Cyclists can ride along the park’s well-maintained paths, taking in the stunning views of the Straits of Johor and the park’s lush greenery.

The park is also home to the iconic Beaulieu House, a former residence of British naval officers that now serves as a restaurant. The nearby Sembawang Hot Spring Park is another attraction worth visiting, where visitors can enjoy a natural hot spring experience.

9. Tampines Eco Green

Picture credits: JustRunLah

Tampines Eco Green, an eco-friendly park located in the eastern region of Singapore, is a haven for nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts alike. The park features well-designed cycling paths that meander through the park’s diverse ecosystems, such as open grasslands, freshwater wetlands, and secondary rainforests.

With an emphasis on preserving the natural environment, Tampines Eco Green is home to a variety of bird species and other wildlife. The park also connects to the larger Tampines Park Connector Network, providing cyclists with even more opportunities for exploration.

Other Smaller Parks To Explore:

  • Chestnut Nature Park: Located in Woodlands, this park is a solid getaway from the concrete jungle of Singapore.
  • Bukit Batok Nature Park: Located in Bukit Batok, this expansive park is ideal for residents living around the area. It is not uncommon to see an overbearing mist during the wee hours of the morning.
  • Changi Beach Park: Right above the crowded East Coast park is Changi beach park. This park is quiet during the weekdays and sparsely populated during the weekends. This is an ideal spot to go plane-watching.
  • Jurong Lake Gardens: Featuring Chinese pagodas and a tiny lake, this is the ideal spot for leisure cyclists to enjoy their time. Beware of the weather though!

Loops You Can Explore:

If a park isn’t enough for you — Singapore is host to a wide variety of connected cycling routes. Here are some popular ones (beware that it can get crowded with people and traffic).

  • Western Adventure Loop: This scenic route in the western part of Singapore takes you through lush greenery and urban landscapes. Starting at Jurong Lake Gardens, cyclists can explore Jurong Park Connector and Pang Sua Park Connector, passing by attractions like Jurong Bird Park and Jurong Eco-Garden. It’s an adventurous ride that combines nature and urban charm.
  • Central Urban Loop: For a vibrant city cycling experience, the Central Urban Loop is ideal. Starting at Marina Bay Sands, cyclists can pedal along the picturesque Marina Bay waterfront, explore the historic Civic District, and enjoy the greenery along the Singapore River. While cycling through the city centre, be mindful of traffic. This loop offers a perfect blend of cityscape views, cultural landmarks, and urban energy.
  • Eastern Coastal Loop: The Eastern Coastal Loop is a picturesque cycling route that runs along Singapore’s eastern coastline. Starting at East Coast Park, cyclists can ride along well-maintained paths with refreshing sea breezes. The loop showcases stunning views of the sea, sandy beaches, and parks like Changi Beach Park and Pasir Ris Park. For a unique experience, consider visiting Pulau Ubin via a short ferry ride. This loop provides a serene and idyllic cycling adventure with a touch of nature and coastal charm.

Closing Thoughts

These cycling routes not only provide a means of transportation but also offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in Singapore’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant cityscape. However, it is important to be mindful of potential crowds and traffic along these popular routes.

Before embarking on your cycling adventure, make sure to stay updated on any changes, follow safety guidelines, and respect the rules set by the authorities.

If you want to use public transport in between your routes, understand that traditional bikes cannot be brought onto public transit. Only foldable bikes are allowed. You can visit our foldable bike shop or browse our collection here.

Enjoy the journey as you pedal through Singapore’s parks, waterfronts, and iconic landmarks, creating lasting memories along the way. Happy cycling!