3..2..1… and we’re live now!

Hey everyone! Welcome to this page. I am Klennan, a year 3 Marketing student from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). I have been at Mighty Velo since January 2023 as a Digital Content Intern and will be ending in June 2023. 

How did a gymbro decide on this job? Marketing, content creation and cycling all at the same time?! That’s literally all my interests wrapped in one…Of course I accepted the job! 

Continue reading on this blogpost to find out more, and remember to like, share and follow us! Oh, sorry this isn’t a livestream script… but let me attempt to summarise the past 6 months within this post.

My Job Scope

As a Digital Content Intern, I managed to dabble into almost every aspect of the company. My official job scope included content creation, marketing campaigns and ideas. Beyond those, I had the opportunity to take part in business development meetings, pricing strategies, e-commerce, retail, and even human resource (HR), and this list is not exhaustive!

I had a ton of fun participating in various photoshoots, outdoor livestreams and different indoor productions and shoots. Unlike the typical 9am to 6pm desk job, I love that my job offered a wide range of flexibility and freedom to creatively curate and plan my schedule to produce content. Mighty Velo does livestreams on a weekly basis and this happened…

4 Hour Livestreams were a Waste of Time

“Honestly, I feel the livestream was a complete waste of time” – This was my feedback on my first week of work when I was tasked to watch a 4-HOUR long Tik Tok Live! I must be out of my mind to reply the way I did. With great comments comes greater responsibility to reinvent the way we did livestream and engage viewers. So, if you traced back to January 2023, I have been hosting almost every single livestream since then.

From planning the livestream content, to script writing, to setting up and executing livestreams, I was given full authority and creative space to lead. This was extra special to me as a 1-week old intern who knew almost nothing about the foldable bikes we carry. All thanks to the true MVP, Tommy – our retail manager who taught me every single detail and specification of each individual model. He has probably clocked his 10,000 hours doing livestream and talking to a camera.

Pushing ourselves OUT of our comfort zone (literally), we dabbled into outdoor livestream. The team would cycle out to various parts of Singapore and host a livestream along the way. This took our content to a whole new level of engagement as viewers were able to see the performance of our bikes firsthand in environments familiar to them. 

While it was definitely tough to memorise every pointer of the script and talk to a camera while cycling… The real challenge was to not run out of breath riding up the killer slopes of Fort Canning, not melt under the scorching sun at Changi Bay and not get lost while navigating through the foreign land of Pioneer. 

Graphic Content Creation

What’s Digital Content without Adobe, Canva and hours of YouTube tutorials? Graphic designs, social media posts and even marketing collaterals were a staple of my days here. No doubt the steep learning curve to master every software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator was tough, but we all got to thank Canva Pro for being the saviour.

Through the internship, I’ve came to explore multiple design genres, different formats of marketing collaterals and important principles in designing corporately. Attaching some of my favourite work below so you can have a glance of the fun that I’ve had over the months designing and producing graphic contents.

I must say that it’s so much easier for me to produce a graphic content now compared to 6 months ago. Thanks to the creative freedom I had, I can now design for almost any format, content and event – even for my personal social media!


Some of my favourite time during this internship was planning, executing and participating in MANY photoshoots – from indoors to outdoors. Ever saw a nice photo spot on Instagram and thought to yourself, “I wish I had a photo there”? Think no more because you have the freedom to GO and do a photoshoot (with the foldable bikes)!
Wherever the MRT took us, we went. Wherever the MRT could not take us, we cycled. In the last 6 months, I’ve probably beeen to every park connectors in Singapore for shoots and outdoor lives! From Jurong Lake Garden, to Sentosa and all the way to Changi Bay, wherever you name, I’ve most likely been there before. It was so much fun choreographing different photoshoots, different poses, and different content outdoors while exploring Singapore during work hours.

Aside from cycling under the blazing hot sun, I’ve also had the luxury to do studio photoshoots in a cooling aircon room that is filled with professional equipment. Check out some of the stylish photos that we’ve taken below. You probably can’t tell that we didn’t know what we were doing half the time—striking random poses, cracking random jokes to make each other laugh, and scrolling pages of Pinterest for inspiration. However, I must say we did really well considering that none of us had taken any photography courses prior to this.


The highlight of this internship was the friendship formed in the park connector. Just kidding! We had a lot of fun working together in the office as well. More than just a corporate relationship in office, I often find  myself being able to talk about random topics like fitness and even prawning with Tommy and Jun Jie.

I’ve also had the privilege to screen, interview, hire, induct, guide and led 5 newer interns who joined during my time here. From being a Digital Content Intern, I was promoted to Intern HR and team lead. I led the team of interns, who were around 19 to 22 years old in various projects and content creation.

This opportunity was super special for me as I was exposed to leadership within a business. More than just colleagues, being able to build genuine friendship with other university students was the cherry on top! . Work became fun group projects as laughter filled the office daily. Imagine the amount of fun we had whenever we head out for photoshoot and livestream – it was a friends day out coupled with some work.

Final Words

To wrap things up, this internship has definitely been a core memory in my university life, especially since I’ve attended Zoom lessons most of the time. Life is never stagnant as a Digital Content Intern. I’ve faced many sunny days (and also rainy days), saw the rainbow after every thunderstorm, and felt the heatwave (LITERALLY) on my days out.

As a SME, I can guarantee that the workload is not easy BUT you will definitely get to be exposed in as much as you want to learn. Job scopes are not just limited to what your job description says. The learning opportunities are limitless for those who are willing to try!

Learn to step out of your comfort zone to do things you probably will never have the opportunity to in other companies. I enjoyed my 6 months here alot and definitely forged many friendships that will last beyond this internship. To my sunburnt squad, to prawning prodigies – you guys have slayed!