A Banking and Finance Student doing Tiktok Content Creation?

Hi everyone! I am Genevieve, a Year 1 Business student from Nanyang Technological University, specialising in Banking and Finance. For these 10 weeks of my summer break, I have decided to intern under Mighty Velo as a Tiktok content creator. 


When I first told my friends and family about my internship, their first reactions were, 

“HUH Tiktok content creator? You must be joking.” “ You’re going to sell bicycles?”, 

“What will you even gain from it?”… 

Unlike my other friends who are working 9-to-5 jobs in banks, audit firms, MNCs, etc. I must say that interning at a SME like Mighty Velo was indeed a pretty unique and fruitful experience. Continue reading my blog post to find out more of my unfiltered thoughts on this summer internship journey!


Why Mighty Velo?

As an avid social media user and thrill seeker who loves outdoor adventures, I was intrigued to join Mighty Velo after reading the job descriptions and scanning through their social media accounts. 

I was amazed by their photo edits and how welcoming the staff were. Hence, despite specialising in a completely different field, I’ve decided to take that leap of faith and applied for this internship. 


My first day of internship

On our first day of internship, we had an induction session led by Klennan, where he welcomed us with our name cards that were placed on our assigned seats. He then brought us around the office and gave us a very detailed masterclass on what we needed to do during this internship – learn about the different bike models, how to fold and unfold the bikes, how to schedule posts…

After the induction session, it was when the fun began. Klennan gave us a ‘Photography class’ where he taught us the basics of using a digital camera, photo editing skills using Lightroom Classic and how to create nice designs.

It was a very valuable lesson as we got to apply what we have learnt in our photoshoots. Before learning how to use a digital camera, I used to think that iPhone quality is good enough and I don’t see a point in carrying big bulk digital cameras. But after using it, I’ve realized the beauty of digital cameras – it  allows one to capture images with higher quality, depth and clarity. 


Here’s a snippet of the notes that I took during the masterclass and the end result of the pictures that were either taken or edited by me. 

(P.S. don’t mind my illegible handwriting, there were A LOT of things to note down) 

I must admit that I am very proud of how much I have learned in this extremely short period of time, considering that I have absolutely NO experience using a digital camera or performing post-edits using Lightroom Classic. Of course, I have to give credits to my shifu, Klennan, for patiently guiding me through this process, sending me Lightroom tutorial videos and for clarifying my doubts. 


Light, Camera, ACTION!

My favourite part of this internship is having the liberty to go for photoshoots outside of our office! Although it is just a short 10 week summer internship, we’ve managed to shoot at many places such as Circuit Road (while we’re on the way to grab our lunches), Fort Canning, MRT, Punggol Park… Here are some shots taken at Mandai & NTU!

Through this experience, I’ve gained more confidence in front of the camera and I’ve learnt how to take pictures that specifically target the unique selling points of our product. 


Content Curation 

After our shoots and edits, it’s time to post them on our social media page. Hold Up! It’s not that straightforward! Through this internship, I’ve learnt that there is a lot of work that needs to be done before posting anything on a business account. 

As someone who loves thinking out of the box and trying unique styles, I used to think that creating content would be as easy as ABC. However, I realised that’s not the case. 

My very first task was to create any video as long as it relates to Mighty Velo. Since it was my first project, I wanted to challenge myself to do something special, trendy, simple looking, yet hard to film. Hence, I did a video that’s inspired by the Wes Anderson style. 

Thankfully prior to my first day of internship, I did my own preparations and researched on how to film those trendy TikTok videos. Hence, I managed to finish my storyboard, filmed the video and edited it within a day. Initially, I was pretty proud of my work, but since it was my first project, I was hesitant about submitting my masterpiece. Everything seemed ambiguous- I did not know whether my boss would like my concept, whether it’s appropriate, whether I’ve made any mistakes… Thus after consulting everyone on how I can improve it and rewatching the video 564789x, my table mate told me to just do it and clicked the ‘submit’ button for me.

Till this date, I still remember the adrenaline rush I had moments before my boss viewed and commented on my work. Since then, I have learnt that no matter how good I think my work might be, there will still be some errors and minor adjustments to be made. 

From this mere 20 seconds video, it has shown me a glimpse of what it’s like to do content creation. Always plan beforehand, be fully equipped, be prepared to edit over and over again, ensure all the facts are flawless and most importantly, get approval before uploading anything!  

Here are some sneak peaks of my plannings and end product! 

The more practice I had, the faster it took me to produce content. Given that I only had 10 weeks of experimenting with resources like Premiere Pro, LightroomClassic and Photoshop for free (Thank you Mighty Velo <3), I wanted to make full use of my time here and learn as much as I could. Hence I went the extra mile to constantly think of fresh ideas with the intention of wanting to boost sales and did everything to the best of my abilities. I’ve even published my first ever comic on @mightyvelo’s Instagram page which was liked by my idol, @thewokesalaryman! 

Thanks to the creative freedom and resources I’ve had in Mighty Velo, I’ve learnt way more than I ever did in school/ books!


Weekly 1 Hour live shows?! 

When I was told to do live shows, the first thought that came into my mind was GG. How am I supposed to do impromptu marketing in front of a Live audience for an hour? It was indeed a nerve wracking experience as we only had one take. Hence, if we ever make any mistakes, we have to figure out a way to correct it on the spot. As an amateur cyclist like me or ‘Safety Hazard’ (as what my shifu used to call me), outdoor live was an exhausting (and fun) experience. Not only do I have to learn the specifications of the different bike models, I have to also make sure that I look professional while cycling. 


#AskMV and Infographics

In this day and age, everyone is getting busier and don’t really have the luxury of time to watch long videos. Hence, in order to engage more customers, I proposed other ideas like short YouTube videos, reels, and infographics that summarise whatever we mention in the live shows in a short and concise manner that can easily be repurposed on other platforms.

In all honesty, proposing that idea is like shooting myself in the foot, as it involves more work and post-editing efforts. However, during that process, I’ve learnt how to write scripts, set up the lighting and camera at different angles to produce different effects and I’ve forged stronger bonds with my fellow intern buddies. 



My biggest takeaway from this internship is the friends I’ve made along the way! They are the ones who brought joy and laughter to the office and made our mundane work more enjoyable. They are also the ones I can rely on when I face any issue with my work. I’ll definitely miss our outdoor live adventures, broke intern cai peng days, inside jokes, prawning and basketball sessions after work, photoshoots, carpool session… Thank you for making my first internship experience the best one I’ve ever had! 

Final words 

Frankly speaking, interning at a SME is an arduous job. Apart from wearing multiple hats, we must also pick up many new skills within a short period of time. As the saying goes “If you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower.” Thanks to the guidance of my best shifu for leading our intern group, I’ve learnt how to be a better follower within the first 7 weeks, before leading our intern team alongside my best buddy, Dylan. Throughout my internship, I’ve also pushed myself to do things outside of my comfort zone and go above and beyond the my original job scope. 10 weeks later, I can proudly claim that, thanks to the myriad opportunities provided by Mighty Velo, I’ve evolved from a tech-boomer to a moderately tech-savvy digital content creator.