15 Add-ons To Your Bike You Never Knew You Needed

Cycling, be it for leisure or as a professional activity, often involves enhancing your bike ride experience with various accessories. Be it mountain biking, road cycling, or a simple stroll around the park, there are many bike accessories that can help improve your ride, whether in terms of safety, convenience, or performance. Here are eight add-ons that can become your favourite cycling accessories and transform your next ride:

1. Saddle Bag

Most bikes come with a bottle cage, but not many come with a saddle bag. This accessory is a convenient storage solution that easily attaches to the underside of your bike’s saddle. Perfect for longer rides, it can hold essentials like a spare tube, a multi-tool for minor adjustments and repairs, or a mini pump for tire emergencies. The saddle bag keeps your jersey pockets free and your supplies within reach.

2. Bike Lights

Bike lights are crucial, not just for night rides, but also for day rides in low-light conditions. Good bike lights consist of a front white light and a rear red tail light, which enhance your visibility to motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Consider lights with good battery life and adjustable brightness settings. We currently stock a wide selection of bike lights that fit all critical areas of your bike. Lights are mandatory when you cycle after dark in Singapore.

3. Bicycle Phone Mount

A phone mount is also one of the best bike accessories for cyclists. It mounts onto your handlebars, providing easy access to navigation, fitness tracking apps, or your favourite tunes. Look for mounts that offer sturdy grip and protection against vibrations and shocks.

4. Bike Helmet

Though not exactly an ‘add-on’, a good bike helmet is an absolute must for any cycling enthusiast. Aside from providing crucial protection against head injuries, many modern helmets offer integrated features like lights, ventilation systems, and even Bluetooth connectivity for a more comfortable and convenient ride. Our Tempo Kineticore helmet allows for a rear-mounted light, along with a sleek design that is lightweight. Wearing a helmet is mandatory when riding on the road in Singapore.

5. Handlebar Bag

Similar to a saddle bag, a handlebar bag offers additional storage that is easily accessible while riding. Perfect for storing snacks, a camera, or other small items you may need on the go, a handlebar bag is a practical accessory for both road bikes and mountain bikes.

6. Bike Saddles

An upgrade from regular saddles would ensure that you have a more comfortable ride. This is particularly important for riders riding long distances, as the wrong type of saddle could do more bodily harm than expected. At our store, Mighty Velo stocks a wide variety of bicycle saddles for both men and women; with multiple designs catered to provide greater ventilation.

7. Bike Bell

A bike bell is a simple but vital accessory for safety. It alerts pedestrians, motorists, and other cyclists of your presence, especially in busy or high-traffic areas. It’s an affordable and effective tool that every cyclist should have.

8. Multi-tool

Compact yet packed with various tools, a multi-tool can be a lifesaver during your rides. Whether you need to adjust your saddle, fix a loose component, or repair a broken chain, a multi-tool has got you covered. Choose a model that has the tools you find most useful, and that fits easily in your saddle bag or jersey pocket.

While it’s important to have the right bike and gear, these accessories can significantly improve your biking experience. So, before you head out on your next adventure, consider these add-ons to enhance your ride and help you stay prepared for any situation.

9. Water Bottle Mount

Hydration is critical for any cyclist, especially on longer rides. The Fidlock Twist  mounted to your bike’s frame makes it easy to carry a water bottle. Using a magnetic mounting, the Fidlock Twist water bottles are easy to detach or attach and come in a variety of sizes with their own specific water bottle.

10. Cycling GPS

A cycling GPS device goes beyond your average phone mount setup. It provides robust navigation, performance metrics, and can sync with other devices such as your heart rate monitor or power meter. Some models even offer live tracking and incident detection features for enhanced safety.

11. Fenders

Fenders or mudguards are essential if you’re riding in wet or muddy conditions. They shield you and your bike from water, mud, and debris that your tires might throw up. They help to keep you dry and clean and protect your bike components from wear and tear.

12. Cycling Shoes

Cycling-specific shoes can greatly enhance your pedalling efficiency. Paired with clipless pedals, they ensure a secure and continuous connection with your bike for optimal power transfer. There are different styles available for road cycling and mountain biking, each designed to meet the unique demands of the discipline.

13. Pannier Bags

For commuters or long-distance tourers, pannier bags are a must. These bags attach to racks mounted over your bike’s rear wheel and provide ample storage space for groceries, clothing, camping gear, and more. Our Ortlieb Pannier bags (12.5l and 20l) are waterproof, equipped with secure fastenings to keep your belongings safe.

14. Bike Computer

A bike computer is a valuable tool for serious cyclists. It offers precise data about your ride, including speed, distance, time, and often much more. Paired with additional sensors, it can monitor heart rate, cadence, and power output. This data is essential for tracking performance and planning training.

15. Portable Tire Inflator

A portable tire inflator is a compact device that can inflate your tires easily. This is a critical device when riding in rough terrain, as a flat tire will ruin a fun day out.

By adding these accessories to your gear, you can ensure you’re well-prepared for a variety of situations on the road or trail, enhance your performance, and make your rides even more enjoyable.