My Content Creation Internship Journey


Hello everyBirdy, (credit to John – new intern) 

I am Ryan, the only intern at Mighty Velo for the months from October to January. 

I am from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, studying Film, Sound and Video. Although my course touches mostly on film production and not much on social media, I wanted to try out content creation for this internship to gain some experience. As I already have some experience on the film side, I decided to go for social media content creation to get more exposure to it.

Like anyone else starting out in a new environment, I was partially anxious but also excited. When I first joined, although the team was smaller at that time, everyone was nice and welcoming. And now that the number of staff in our office has grown (I shifted 3 times around the office), with the new colleagues that joined, the office is even more lively now.

I would say the best part of creating content here is that there are almost no limits, from funny cat videos talking about the bicycles to doing trending challenges videos. Any idea is welcomed and we can be free to come up with ideas and try them out. It’s okay if it may not work well, but try it out and improve on it.

Also another awesome part I really appreciate here is that we get to use new equipment from time to time, kind of like having Christmas presents every now and then. Being someone who likes using equipment to make shoots more efficient, this plays a part. 😁


Doing a livestream would be one of the biggest achievements I had for my internship. Interns here get the chance to host a Facebook Live at least once. Though I was not that worried about being in front of the camera, I still hope that it will be smooth overall. 

For my first live event with Jun Jie as the co-host, the rapport between me and him was good, thus the livestream was smooth and we may have talked too long. (maybe) The livestream was definitely a fun experience to achieve. And now I have co-hosted the livestream 5 times during my internship period.

Sneak peek of behind the scene during our live!

During the popular November sale season where you would see 11.11 everywhere, I had the opportunity to kickstart the company’s 11.11 sale with a reel I made. It was quite fulfilling to get to see the results.

Being into content creation, I got to create many different styles of video, adding some of it into my portfolio. Other than video content, I got to try out static or graphical content as well. This got me to improve on the other side of the designing skills.

Outdoor Shoot:

A favourite part of my internship journey are the outdoor shoots. I got the chance to do a proper filming of the Birdy models, as this is something closer to what I learnt in school. 

It was something fun and I was looking forward to it (even though it rained every time we went out). Going out to Bukit Timah and East Coast Park on a weekday was amazing without the crowd. I had a great time filming. The way of shooting a moving object is quite different. Thus, the opportunity to shoot outdoors gives me more practice and improvement.

Before coming into Mighty Velo, though I have taken photos and videos before, I never had to take a photo of the bike in a more professional manner. Learning the different style and position the bike should be showcased in is very important, especially when people online may criticise for things like having a low saddle position. These are the things I have learnt to keep in mind during photo shoots or filming of the bikes.

During my internship while at Mighty Velo, I also got the chance to film at Cerebral Palsy Association Singapore and show our mechanics building a special tricycle for the students. It was a very unique experience and this is something different compared to an outdoor shoot. I got to see that even for students with mobility challenges, they can get the opportunity to move. I also got the opportunity to document the bike building process.


Of course, by joining a bicycle company, we get the chance to cycle with the bikes. Even if you don’t know how to cycle, we have the CarryAll folding tricycle. Cycling to the shoot location, to lunch, nearby for quick content shoot. Internship at Mighty Velo has additional benefits: cycling to break a sweat! I think my favourite is the Birdy GT. 😉 One day we will try the Round Island cycling with Birdy. (@Lewis)


At the start, the office was a little quieter with a smaller team. Now with the bigger team in the office, the once peaceful office is replaced with a louder environment. 😀 Many thanks to everyone, especially JJ and Jenny. 😍 And Yun Xian for the many BTS photos and videos.

One memorable part is when I got the whole office to help with a reel. Pushing every bike model we sell around the office at a fast pace, like a factory floor. It was thrilling. (Guess how many takes we took)

Another group that I really appreciate is the bike technicians/staff, they are always open and helpful whenever we want to film them. There were multiple takes and times we needed their assistance. 🙏

Last words:

Thank you again to everyone in the company, from the office to retail and warehouse teams. It has been a great few months here at Mighty Velo. Thank you for reading until the end (Did you?) of my first written blog online.

I will be back soon. 😛