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Senior Citizens: Keeping active through cycling

elderly lady carryall roll and fold in the neighbourhood

Now that it’s Phase 2, you can exercise outside. Exercise is important, especially for senior citizens. Low muscle mass is a common problem among seniors. In fact, in Singapore, 1 in 5 senior citizens have it. Moreover, there is COVID-19 and social distancing to worry about. With that said, cycling is one of the best […]

Adult Folding Tricycle: First time with the Carry All

Before I started cycling, I was in bad shape. I loathed exercise and had a thousand excuses to avoid it. However, during circuit breaker, my mom decided she had enough and bought me a CarryAll adult folding tricycle. She told me if I stuck to this for a month, she would buy me anything I […]

Foldable bike : Buy one during Phase 1 or during Phase 2?

If you are planning to get a good quality foldable bike, there are two options. Phase 1 or Phase 2? Retail shops will only open after Phase 2. You can wait until Phase 2 starts to get a foldable bike. However, there’s no need to wait! Bike shops are online now during Phase 1. Give […]

Cycle a Single-Speed Bike: For Newbies And Non-Cyclists

It’s always a good time to learn how to cycle. Cycling is a great way to get some exercise, have fun with friends, and commute to work quickly. However, finding the perfect bike feels like a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner. From gears to wheels to budget, there seem to be more factors […]

Covid-19 – Staying healthy during Circuit Breaker

teenager carryall cannot cycle cannot balance

With Singapore in Circuit Breaker mode due to Covid-19 pandemic, there can be a struggle for those who are looking to stay healthy throughout this period. Fear during these unprecedented times has left many of us stressed, socially isolated or just plain bored. There is no denying that our lives have turned upside down. But, […]

Cannot cycle? Use a Tricycle during Circuit breaker!

teen fold and roll carryall

Maintaining good health is part of maintaining a good life. This is especially important during the COVID-19 period. Healthy people have better immunity against diseases, including the coronavirus. Anyone can exercise! If running is too hard, try cycling. Cannot cycle? Fear Cycling? consider using a tricycle during circuit breaker. With a tricycle, solo exercising in […]

Circuit Breaker Blues? Try cycling outside for Vitamin D!

Cycling at the park with a carryme

There are still a few more weeks before the circuit breaker officially ends. During this time, many people may feel antsy and want to go outside. This is normal. Although you should stay at home to combat COVID-19, that does not mean you should coop up in your room all day. Sunlight will not cure […]

Cycling Alone: Why it’s the best during the Circuit Breaker?

Birdy R20 Performance Folding Road Bike 11 Speeds

With the ongoing rage of Covid-19, Singapore has decided to extend its Circuit Breaker period from the 4 May to 1 June. This partial lockdown aims to curb the further spread of Covid-19. Government has urged citizens to stay indoors and if they do head out for their daily exercise or grocery shopping, it has […]

Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity

Birdy City Performance bike from Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Cycling in Singapore is a favourite pastime of many. Many others have integrated cycling in Singapore into their daily lives. Some Singaporeans use foldable bikes in Singapore for their daily commuting. Many bicycle shops in Singapore encourage riders to switch to foldable bicycles as it is a healthy way to get around. Local bike shops […]

Mighty Velo The Folding Bike Specialists

We are Mighty Velo. Over 15 years ago, we started as a bicycle shop in Singapore that specialised in foldable bicycles. Originally named Diginex, we began with the popular Strida folding bikes as our first significant bike brand. Over the years, our knowledge and love for folding bikes grew, and we brought in other unique […]