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Mid-range Foldable Bicycles: The best in Singapore

Covid-19 has hit Singaporeans hard. According to the advance estimates by the Ministry of Trades and Industry (MTI), our economy has shrunk by 12.6 percent. Many are keen to stay fit and keep clear of the infection. A lot of commuters around the world have turned to bicycles to get around. Foldable bicycles, in particular, […]

Japanese Folding Bike: The Innovative Iruka

The Iruka bike is a Japanese Folding bike with 18-inch wheels. It is a new bike model that will soon be joining the line of Mighty Velo line of foldable bicycles. It is a new up and coming bike designed by a Japanese bike designer named Masaki “Mark” Kobayashi. He is based in Tokyo, Japan, […]

Good Folding Bike vs Cheap Folding Bike

What makes a good quality folding bike? What’s the difference between a good one and a cheap one? Those who are new to the folding bike world will definitely have questions like these on their mind. There are many things that separate a cheap folding bike from a premium one. You might not be able […]

Quality Foldable Bike – The Iruka Folding Bike

Iruka Folding Bike

After a lockdown for almost two months, Singapore is stepping into the second phase of its reopening. Most retail businesses and various economy sectors will start opening up. You will notice more people out onto the streets and on public transport. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s way of living. We are now living in […]