Our Performance Folding Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories

Q1. What are the folding bikes that Mighty Velo distributes?

Q2. Do you sell Tern bikes?

Q3. Do you sell Brompton bikes?

Q4. Do you sell Dahon?

Mighty Velo does not carry Dahon bikes. 

Q5. Do you sell Strida bikes?

Q6. Are you still selling electric scooters?

Q7. Do you repair Brompton bikes?

Q8. Do you repair Segway PMDs?

Q9. Are you selling bicycle accessories for your foldable bikes?

Q10. Are we able to upgrade our foldable bikes?

Q11. What brand of kickstands do you carry?

Q12. Do you provide a guide for the folding and unfolding of your bicycles?

Q13. Why is the wait for the bikes so long?

Q14. Are there any weight or height limitations for your bicycles?

Q15. Why did the prices of the bikes increase?

Q16. Do you sell individual Birdy bike components?

Q17. Are there any ongoing promotions?

Q18. Do you carry ColorPlus suspension for Birdy?

Q19. What is the difference between U-Design Suspension Sets & Imperium Cycle Suspension Blocks?

Q20. Do you sell luggage cases?