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My Content Creation Internship Journey

Introduction: Hello everyBirdy, (credit to John – new intern)  I am Ryan, the only intern [...]

Exploring the Benefits of Foldable Bicycles

Introduction In the bustling urban landscapes that define the modern era, many individuals have sought [...]

The Brand Heritage of Birdy Bicycles: Why They Are So Special

Birdy Bicycles, recognized among folding bike brands, epitomize a fusion of visionary engineering and a [...]

What is the Park Connector Network?

In the heart of Singapore, a city known for its vibrant urban landscape, lies an [...]

The Brand Heritage of CarryMe Bicycles: Why They Are So Special

CarryMe bicycles, known for their portability and lightweight design, have carved a unique niche in [...]

Singapore’s Hidden Culinary Gems: 8 Ulu Restaurants Worth the Journey

Many hidden restaurants dot across our tiny island. Much of it is steeped in tradition [...]

The History of the Birdy Bike

Introduction In the world of cycling, few brands have managed to blend convenience, comfort and [...]

Non-cyclist to Cyclist????

Self-introduction Firstly, I’m Janette! You may have seen me in 1-2 Facebook lives or in [...]

Top 5 Cycling Destinations in Europe

From the sun-kissed vineyards of France to the rugged coastlines of Spain, these top 5 [...]

7 Jaw Dropping Cycling Routes in Asia: Explore Thrilling Adventures

Asia, the world’s largest and most diverse continent, offers a plethora of stunning cycling trips [...]

How Should You Train For Cycling Competitions? Effective Strategies Revealed

Training for cycling competitions requires dedication, discipline, and a well-thought-out plan. The right approach to [...]

15 Add-ons To Your Bike You Never Knew You Needed

Cycling, be it for leisure or as a professional activity, often involves enhancing your bike [...]

4 Off Road Bicycle Tracks In Singapore

Singapore, known for its modern urban landscape, also boasts an array of scenic off-road cycling [...]

11 Important Bicycle Safety Tips

Cycling is a refreshing and efficient way to travel, offering substantial health benefits and an [...]

A Banking and Finance Student doing Tiktok Content Creation?

Hi everyone! I am Genevieve, a Year 1 Business student from Nanyang Technological University, specialising [...]

12 Tips for Safe Night Cycling in Singapore

Singapore, renowned for its state-of-the-art urban planning and stunning architecture, is also a hub for [...]

3 Weapons Every Cyclist Should Have

Calling all cycling fanatics! Are you prepared to kick your cycling adventures up a notch? [...]

11 Challenges of Cycling in Singapore and How Foldable Bikes Help

Singapore, a vibrant city-state dubbed a cycling paradise, is a place where cycling paths interweave [...]

How Should I Maintain My Foldable Bike

A foldable bike, much like any other bicycle, requires regular maintenance to ensure it operates [...]

4 More Things You Can Do With a Foldable Bike

Foldable bikes, often known for their convenience and portability, offer more versatility and functionality than [...]

5 Common Misconceptions About Foldable Bikes

Foldable bikes have emerged as an innovative solution in our ever-evolving urban landscapes, providing an [...]


3..2..1… and we’re live now! Hey everyone! Welcome to this page. I am Klennan, a [...]

How did the current foldable bike scheme come about?

Have you ever noticed these posters while taking the train? These posters depict the maximum [...]

Flying With Your Foldable Bike: How Do You Do It?

Foldable bikes have become popular travel companions for cycling enthusiasts and casual riders alike, offering the [...]

Foldable Bikes vs Traditional Bikes: 5 Striking Differences

Foldable bikes and traditional bikes both offer unique advantages to different types of riders. With [...]

Foldable Bike Buying Guide: Navigating Your First Ride of Choice

Foldable bikes have gained popularity in recent years as an environmentally friendly and convenient transportation [...]

Foldable Bikes vs Shared Bikes: 7 Differences

Foldable bikes, also known as folding bikes, have become increasingly popular as environmentally friendly and [...]

Cycling Foodies: Singapore’s Tasty Trails

For those who love both cycling and food, why not combine these two passions and [...]

Hidden gems uncharted: Singaporean Bike Routes

While popular cycling routes like East Coast Park draw large crowds, there are many lesser-known [...]

Art Meets Foldables: Singapore’s Urban Vibe and Sights

Combining the convenience of a compact ride with the joy of discovering unique art destinations, [...]

What Are Last Mile Rides?

Last mile rides refer to the short-distance transportation options that help commuters complete the final [...]

5 Types of Foldable Bikes Explained

Folding bikes have been increasingly popular in recent years, owing to their ease, mobility, and [...]

Comparing Our Foldable Bike Brands: Which is Better?

Foldable bikes have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and versatility, making them an [...]

When Should I Bring My Foldable Bike In For Maintenance?

Folding bikes, like any other bicycle, require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good [...]

How to Find The Best Seating Height For Your Bike

Choosing the proper bike saddle height is critical for comfort, efficiency, and injury avoidance. A [...]

The Benefits of Riding a Bike in Singapore

Riding a bike in Singapore has gained immense popularity in recent years, and for good [...]

The Role of Bikes and Foldable Bikes in Singapore

Bicycles and foldable bicycles have become increasingly popular in Singapore as a mode of transportation [...]

How To Maintain Your New Foldable Bike

Finally gotten your hands on a foldable bike you always wanted? Or you are looking [...]

A Guide to Choosing the Best Foldable Bike for Your Needs in Singapore

The folding bicycle market has exploded over the last two decades, resulting in an amazing [...]

CarryMe foldable bike vs CarryAll folding tricycle?

Can you cycle? Do you want a compact foldable bicycle that folds within seconds and [...]

My internship experience at Mighty Velo as a non-cyclist!

My internship experience at Mighty Velo as a non-cyclist! [...]

A HR Internship Experience at Mighty Velo

“The fun fact of the day is about……PO…SEI…DON…KISS!” – That is the sentence I am [...]

Started off as a mandatory school internship and now I am back here again!

Hi! I am Jia Ying, a HR & Admin intern at Mighty Velo. I had [...]

A very honest and heartfelt take on my internship at Mighty Velo.

Besides penning down my honest thoughts about this internship, this blog will also give you [...]

What you should know about Birdy: New Classic vs New Classic PLUS!

To put simply, the Birdy New Classic PLUS is an upgrade from the Birdy New [...]

When an one-month-old marketing intern writes a blog

Hi, I am that one-month-old marketing intern tasked to write this blog post about my [...]

Birdy JK-11 Road or Birdy JK-11 Gravel – Which should I get?

Question: Can the Birdy JK-11 Gravel cycle on this ground? Answer: Definitely. So what exactly [...]

My Internship Experience at Mighty Velo: A Second Look

Oh? Who might this familiar face be? Hasn’t he done a similar blog post before? [...]

My no nonsense take on Mighty Velo’s internship

“Be better than you were yesterday” is my favourite quote that I live by and [...]

My Marketing Content Intern Experience at Mighty Velo

Hello everyone! I am Natalie, a Marketing Content Intern here at Mighty Velo from Singapore [...]