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Learning to Ride a CarryMe during Circuit Breaker period

9 colours carryme in the neighbourhood

I didn’t know how to cycle when I first came to the company. It was funny to me, a bike shop employee who couldn’t cycle. I didn’t need to. Every school I attended was cursed with having more stairs than the average school. Everyone who signed up to those schools became a hiker by the […]

Cycling in Singapore during COVID-19

With the recent COVID-19 epidemic many in Singapore have been finding ways to avoid crowded areas. One such place that many find hard to avoid are public transports, like the MRT and buses. Singaporeans usually commute through these methods, after all, so finding an alternative can be tricky. Taking the taxi or Grab can be […]

CarryMe Foldable Bike: Best Bike for Commutes & Travelling

Many Singaporean’s face a daily problem in the form of early morning and late evening rush hours. Pushing and shoving into crowded buses and MRTs can get annoying. It’s the reason why many are looking at alternative, car-lite methods of transport. One which is both cheap and provides a workout is a bicycle. Cycling in […]

Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity

Birdy City Performance bike from Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Cycling in Singapore is a favourite pastime of many. Many others have integrated cycling in Singapore into their daily lives. Some Singaporeans use foldable bikes in Singapore for their daily commuting. Many bicycle shops in Singapore encourage riders to switch to foldable bicycles as it is a healthy way to get around. Local bike shops […]

Foldable Bike in Singapore: Things you should know

Foldable bicycles have become an integral part of Singapore’s commute and transport scenes over the years as cycling has become more popular. Many Singaporeans have made the switch to these convenient and stylish modes of transports. A lot of bicycle shops in Singapore have started selling these instead of traditional bikes because of their new […]

Foldable Bike in Singapore: Why you should get one.

On 4 Nov the Government announced that e-scooters would no longer be allowed on footpaths from the following day onwards. E-scooters can be ridden only on cycling paths and park connectors. This sudden announcement sent shock waves through Singapore’s e-scooter community. Many were left wondering what it is they could do from there. There were […]

Folding bikes and Cycling in Singapore

Cycling in Singapore has become the preferred past time activity of many Singaporeans. If you are a bicycle shop in Singapore you’re going to be patronized by many who are looking to start their cycling lifestyle. Be it mountain bikes, road bikes or folding bikes, Singaporeans just want one to ride. It is something that […]

Folding Bike or PAB: The new way forward.

There has been big news concerning escooters in the past week. From 5 November 2019, e-scooters will no longer be allowed on public footpaths. This is after incidents involving e-scooters have caused the public to be wary of them. It was a very sudden decision, and the community is still recovering from it. Some have […]

Folding Bicycles and PMDs: Our Car-Free Weekend

Over the Deepavali weekend, Mighty Velo had the chance to be at Car-Free Weekend once again for two days! This time, we were at Telok Ayer Street on Friday from 11 am to 3 pm, and at St. Andrew’s Road on Sunday from 8 am to 12 pm. We brought along our various folding bicycles […]

The Essential Foldable Bike Buying Guide

Girl with CarryMe compact micro folding bicycle

This is the essential foldable bike buying guide prepared with many years of experience in selling good foldable bikes to customers. Mighty Velo has been folding bike specialists in Singapore for more than fourteen years.  When we started selling foldable bikes in 2006 at Lavender, there was hardly any specialist store selling foldable bikes in […]