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Adult Folding Tricycle: First time with the Carry All

Before I started cycling, I was in bad shape. I loathed exercise and had a thousand excuses to avoid it. However, during circuit breaker, my mom decided she had enough and bought me a CarryAll adult folding tricycle. She told me if I stuck to this for a month, she would buy me anything I […]

Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity

Birdy City Performance bike from Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Cycling in Singapore is a favourite pastime of many. Many others have integrated cycling in Singapore into their daily lives. Some Singaporeans use foldable bikes in Singapore for their daily commuting. Many bicycle shops in Singapore encourage riders to switch to foldable bicycles as it is a healthy way to get around. Local bike shops […]

Mighty Velo The Folding Bike Specialists

We are Mighty Velo. Over 15 years ago, we started as a bicycle shop in Singapore that specialised in foldable bicycles. Originally named Diginex, we began with the popular Strida folding bikes as our first significant bike brand. Over the years, our knowledge and love for folding bikes grew, and we brought in other unique […]

Foldable bike vs PMD: Why choose a foldable bike

Foldable bike or PMD, which one is better? That is the question that many Singaporean commuters have been asking themselves. Both are great, affordable forms of alternative transport. You can easily buy a foldable bicycle or PMD at a bicycle shop in Singapore. Riding a PMD or folding bicycle in Singapore is relatively flexible as […]

Folding Bike vs Regular Bike: Go with the fold

In Singapore, bicycles are abundant in numbers and variety. There is a bicycle shop in almost every estate, and many Singaporeans use bicycles for daily commuting. Traditionally many Singaporeans prefer simple, regular bikes to commute. But things have changed over the years. Many Singaporeans are now looking at foldable bikes as a more viable option. […]

Foldable bicycles for your Cycling Lifestyle

Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In Singapore, it is a growing past time, with many Singaporeans using bicycles for daily commuting, leisure riding and long-distance riding. Many cyclists in Singapore prefer using foldable bicycles like the Birdy, IF Move, Reach GT, CarryMe and CarryAll. These nifty devices are much […]

Foldable Bike in Singapore: Things you should know

Foldable bicycles have become an integral part of Singapore’s commute and transport scenes over the years as cycling has become more popular. Many Singaporeans have made the switch to these convenient and stylish modes of transports. A lot of bicycle shops in Singapore have started selling these instead of traditional bikes because of their new […]

Foldable Bike in Singapore: Why you should get one.

On 4 Nov the Government announced that e-scooters would no longer be allowed on footpaths from the following day onwards. E-scooters can be ridden only on cycling paths and park connectors. This sudden announcement sent shock waves through Singapore’s e-scooter community. Many were left wondering what it is they could do from there. There were […]

Folding bikes and Cycling in Singapore

Cycling in Singapore has become the preferred past time activity of many Singaporeans. If you are a bicycle shop in Singapore you’re going to be patronized by many who are looking to start their cycling lifestyle. Be it mountain bikes, road bikes or folding bikes, Singaporeans just want one to ride. It is something that […]

Folding Bikes you need to know about.

Pacific CarryMe folding compact bicycle

Bicycles, both foldable bikes and non-foldable bikes, have been one of the oldest modes of transportation in the world. Over the years they have evolved and are used for a variety of tasks. Some use them to get to work every day. Others use them to do deliveries. And of course, there are those who […]