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Darryl’s Bloggerino Cappucino Intern Experience at Mighty Velo

“Ok, so Darryl will be hosting the new City Unboxing Video”… … I will NEVER FORGET these words coming out of Ms Vivian’s mouth. It was only the FIRST DAY of my digital marketing internship at Mighty Velo, and I was tasked to host a video already?! Looking back, my intern journey at Mighty Velo […]

Mr Chua: Story of a bus owner with a CarryMe foldable bike

The CarryMe foldable bike is the world’s lightest aluminum foldable bike. The CarryMe foldable bike weighs 8.4kg and has a small carbon footprint, making it ideal to bring it up to public transport. In today’s episode of MV Chats, we will be interviewing Mr. Chua with his Orange colour CarryMe foldable bike. He has been […]

How to build a Birdy New Classic and Birdy GT from scratch

My name is Miguel, a business student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic currently interning at Mighty Velo, the folding bike specialist in Singapore. Manufactured by Pacific Cycles, Birdy Bicycles are renowned for being the first performance folding bicycles with full suspension. Alongside seven interns, we got the opportunity to build two popular folding bikes models – […]

COVID-19: Your Dream Bike Is Here!

From the circuit breaker period till Phase 2, bicycles have been flying off the shelves. Covid-19 has forced people to re-think their lives and adapt to a ‘new normal’. Now that more countries have started to open up, the demand has only increased. Because of the coronavirus, cycling has exploded in popularity. People who want […]

Cycling in Singapore in the Next Two Years

long-distance riding Birdy

As Phase 2 starts, more places start to open. While it is important to practice moderation, it is exciting news. Hence, try cycling in Singapore! With a bike, you can exercise outdoors while practising social distancing. In fact, it’s a great time to be a cyclist in Singapore now. There are a lot of things […]

Cycling is the New Way to Commute during Covid

Even in our small little Red Dot, there are many ways to get around the city. Driving a car, using motorcycles. We even have public transport. On a smaller scale, we could opt for personal mobility devices. But, you must ensure that the device meets the criteria and you should follow the regulations when riding. […]

CarryMe: Enjoying a Solo Bike Ride In Your Neighbourhood

CarryMe Cycling Neighbourhood

Phase 2 will start soon. However, COVID-19 is still a problem. During Phase 2, sports, parks and other public facilities can reopen. However, there will likely be a lot of people using it. Social distancing will be difficult. Ironically, now would be the perfect time to exercise in the neighbourhood. With more people going out […]

Foldable bike : Buy one during Phase 1 or during Phase 2?

If you are planning to get a good quality foldable bike, there are two options. Phase 1 or Phase 2? Retail shops will only open after Phase 2. You can wait until Phase 2 starts to get a foldable bike. However, there’s no need to wait! Bike shops are online now during Phase 1. Give […]

Covid 19 – Choose good folding bike online without test-riding

With the end of Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, Singapore is officially in Phase 1 of its reopening.  Phase 1 marks the safe-reopening of some activities that do not pose high risk of transmission. Even after Circuit Breaker ends, up to 70 percent of the population will still be working from home due to Covid-19 cases still […]

Cycle a Single-Speed Bike: For Newbies And Non-Cyclists

It’s always a good time to learn how to cycle. Cycling is a great way to get some exercise, have fun with friends, and commute to work quickly. However, finding the perfect bike feels like a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner. From gears to wheels to budget, there seem to be more factors […]