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Aluminium Birdy Bike Frame versus Steel Bike Frame

With a sharp rise in demand for bicycles ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, more people have been looking to buy a folding bike. There are many factors to consider when it comes to buying a new foldable bicycle. One of the vital buying factors will be the frame material of which the bike is made […]

Cycling landscape in Singapore after the expansion of PCN

Reach GT Packable Road Bike by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly got more Singaporeans into cycling. Now that everyone has more time to spare while working from home (WFH), a foldable bike becomes an obvious choice for a leisure activity. It is convenient to keep at home, for daily commutes and PCN riding. A foldable bike folds and unfolds within seconds. […]

How to build a Birdy New Classic and Birdy GT from scratch

My name is Miguel, a business student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic currently interning at Mighty Velo, the folding bike specialist in Singapore. Manufactured by Pacific Cycles, Birdy Bicycles are renowned for being the first performance folding bicycles with full suspension. Alongside seven interns, we got the opportunity to build two popular folding bikes models – […]

Bike Accessories for Birdy Performance Foldable Bike

The Birdy performance foldable bike is one of the more convertible foldable bikes. It is well-loved by people worldwide due to its variety of riding modes to suit different people’s riding needs. On top of that, the Birdy bikes are also highly customisable. It has a wide range of bike accessories available, from brands like […]

Women can use Performance Foldable Bikes in 2020 too!

As Mighty Velo has been in the business for a very long time, we have observed that our main target audience were mainly men. There were rarely women who will try out performance foldable bikes. This has changed very recently through Circuit Breaker. Prior to Circuit Breaker, women would look to a male opinion to […]

Riding the Japanese Foldable Bike: Iruka in Singapore during Phase 2

From Circuit Breaker, the talk about exercise has been booming all over the world. A lot had turned to indoor exercises like yoga, but some had turned into cycling. During this phase 2, I had the opportunity to ride the Iruka, the Japanese folding bicycle. Mr Masaki Mark Kobayashi, an ex-CFO designed the Iruka. He […]

Cycling in Singapore in the Next Two Years

long-distance riding Birdy

As Phase 2 starts, more places start to open. While it is important to practice moderation, it is exciting news. Hence, try cycling in Singapore! With a bike, you can exercise outdoors while practising social distancing. In fact, it’s a great time to be a cyclist in Singapore now. There are a lot of things […]

Covid 19 – Choose good folding bike online without test-riding

With the end of Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, Singapore is officially in Phase 1 of its reopening.  Phase 1 marks the safe-reopening of some activities that do not pose high risk of transmission. Even after Circuit Breaker ends, up to 70 percent of the population will still be working from home due to Covid-19 cases still […]

Circuit Breaker: How to buy a bicycle during Phase 1?

Birdy City

With the latest news, we know that Singapore will slowly be opening over 3 phases from 1 June. Even after the Circuit Breaker ends, up to 70% of the population will still be working from home. A lot of retail shops, including bicycle stores in Singapore, will remain closed until Phase 2. This means that […]

Ride with the 24 Speed Birdy Touring beyond Circuit Breaker

With only 2 weeks left till the end of Circuit Breaker in Singapore, you might be considering getting a bike to start cycling once Circuit Breaker is over. During this period, the number of Singaporeans who have turned to ride as their form of exercise and commute has significantly increased. After all, cycling is now […]