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Using a foldable bike on paths, roads and the MRT

Using a foldable bike for paths, roads and the MRT lets you do your first and last-mile commute. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) allows commuters with foldable bikes, that fulfil the LTA size requirements, to enter public transport. Riding a foldable bicycle in Singapore lets you take the train and bus with it when it […]

The Essential Foldable Bike Buying Guide

Girl with CarryMe compact micro folding bicycle

This is the essential foldable bike buying guide prepared with many years of experience in selling good foldable bikes to customers. Mighty Velo has been folding bike specialists in Singapore for more than fourteen years.  When we started selling foldable bikes in 2006 at Lavender, there was hardly any specialist store selling foldable bikes in […]

Is the CarryMe the most compact foldable bike?

Well-known Taiwanese bike manufacturer, Pacific Cycles has an uber-functional creation that is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. Its own evergreen bike design and model, the CarryMe is an ultra-compact foldable bike that transforms, into a compact unit that boasts one of the smallest folded footprints you can find in the world. It’s so compact. […]