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Best Foldable Bike for Solo Riding during Covid-19

Riding Solo

As Covid-19 rages, almost half the world’s population is under some form of restricted movement. Despite Singapore entering its circuit breaker period, we see a rise in the number of people exercising outdoors to build up their immunity. Many have opted for either jogging or cycling. While cycling as a group comes with many benefits, […]

Cycling Alone During The Circuit Breaker Period.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has taken a hold on Singapore, like most countries in the world. To combat this, Singapore has implemented circuit breaker measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.  All beaches and many parks are closed now. Many people have now turned to riding bikes as a solo sports activity. There are many reasons […]

Riding a bike to stay healthy and combat Covid-19

As coronavirus continues to rage, it has become harder to keep fit and social. Furthermore, more gyms are closing down. More people have started to turn to bicycles for both transport and exercise. It’s easy to see why. Riding a bike is good for strengthening immunity. It is also good for avoiding crowds. However, bicycles […]

Cycling during Covid-19: What you should do

Did you know that despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 worldwide, there has been a surge in the number of people cycling on the streets? With many cities under lockdown and governments urging citizens to keep a social distance from one another, many have turned to riding a bike as their form of transport to […]

Cycling in Singapore during COVID-19

With the recent COVID-19 epidemic many in Singapore have been finding ways to avoid crowded areas. One such place that many find hard to avoid are public transports, like the MRT and buses. Singaporeans usually commute through these methods, after all, so finding an alternative can be tricky. Taking the taxi or Grab can be […]

CarryMe Foldable Bike: Best Bike for Commutes & Travelling

Many Singaporean’s face a daily problem in the form of early morning and late evening rush hours. Pushing and shoving into crowded buses and MRTs can get annoying. It’s the reason why many are looking at alternative, car-lite methods of transport. One which is both cheap and provides a workout is a bicycle. Cycling in […]

Cycling Daily with the Birdy City Performance Bike

Birdy copper cycling bike

Cycling is one of the oldest modes of transportation around. In the modern era, many cyclists use their bicycles for a variety of things. From leisure riding to deliveries to daily commuting, the bike has evolved to meet any situation. Bicycle shops in Singapore now carry a variety of bicycles to meet the new riders’ […]

Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity

Birdy City Performance bike from Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Cycling in Singapore is a favourite pastime of many. Many others have integrated cycling in Singapore into their daily lives. Some Singaporeans use foldable bikes in Singapore for their daily commuting. Many bicycle shops in Singapore encourage riders to switch to foldable bicycles as it is a healthy way to get around. Local bike shops […]

Birdy Performance Foldable Bike Accessories for Cycling

The Birdy performance foldable bike is one of the most versatile and well recognised foldable bikes in Singapore and the world. Though very few bicycle shops in Singapore sell Birdy bikes, many cyclists still know about them and want one for themselves. This is because they are highly customisable. You can choose to use your […]

Mighty Velo The Folding Bike Specialists

We are Mighty Velo. Over 15 years ago, we started as a bicycle shop in Singapore that specialised in foldable bicycles. Originally named Diginex, we began with the popular Strida folding bikes as our first significant bike brand. Over the years, our knowledge and love for folding bikes grew, and we brought in other unique […]